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A new study proved that the harm from electronic cigarettes to the heart and arteries is comparable to the harm from traditional smoking. Relevant findings were published in the scientific journal Journal of the American Heart Association.

Specialists at Boston University (USA) studied the function of blood vessels in smokers and users of electronic cigarettes and vapes. Over 400 men and women aged 21 to 45 years who were either smokers or switched from cigarettes to vape were observed. Analysis of arterial cell samples showed approximately the same results for participants in both groups — increased stiffness of the vascular wall and damage to small blood vessels.

In particular, the described nicotine-dependent cell samples contained fewer nitric oxide molecules than people who never smoked. This compound is necessary for regulating respiration, maintaining the immune status, and is involved in cardiovascular homeostasis. Specialists emphasized that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among smokers. Also, many cigarette consumers are switching to the use of vapes with thoughts about reducing the negative impact on the body.

The report concludes that there is no evidence that the use of electronic cigarettes reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease or the harm caused by tobacco products. Scientists emphasized that in terms of caring for the heart, vapes should not be considered a safe alternative to smoking.

Previously, British scientists have identified a link between bladder cancer and smoking. The study found that cigarette smoke can cause damage to genetic material, but only a small fraction of the mutations arose due to the corresponding toxins.

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