Life truths you didn’t know you knew and need to read

You just sit and think about universally known things, but only at that moment you realize: Why didn’t I think of that until now? That cinnamon is just sawdust from a tree. That the verb is a noun. Or that there is a very thin line between being in cool uncle and be strange uncle.

Behold! Have fun with the truths of life that you already know, but not like this until now vis à vis.

1. Watching someone go from laughing to crying is sad. Watching someone go from crying to laughing is terrifying.

2. It’s okay to kick a pregnant woman as long as it’s from the inside.

3. If you run at 11 p.m., you’re a night owl. If you run at 6 a.m., you’re an early bird. If you run at three in the morning, you are a suspicious person.

4. There is nothing more offensive than a cat licking the spot you just petted.

5. If you lie down with enough force, you can fall asleep immediately.

6. The reason we repeatedly go to the fridge and open it probably comes from a childhood habit of our parents restocking without us realizing it. This engraved in our subconscious the idea that the food was eaten there magically discovers.

Life truths you didn't know you knew and need to read

7. Shorter people are more likely to smell their farts.

8. People who set multiple alarms have self-confidence issues.

9. All the men in the bar, straight or gay, hope that the other good-looking men are gay.

10. If you choke on a piece of meat, it’s the animal’s last chance for revenge.

11. The hornier you are, the more likely you are to do things you would otherwise find disgusting.

12. We are very lucky that babies do not cry before birth.

Life truths you didn't know you knew and need to readLife truths you didn't know you knew and need to read

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