Lifter Nurul Akmal: I won the Olympics, the SEA Games, not even a single congratulation page all

NORTH – Lifter from the District North AcehProvince, Nurul Akmal |complained about the lack of attention from the North Aceh District Government, where he was born and raised.

Nurul was born and raised in Serba Jaman Tunong Village, Tanah Luas District, North Aceh Regency.

This 33-year-old girl is the fruit of love from the couple Hasballah and Nurmala Ishak.

“A single congratulations via WhatsApp was never conveyed to me from the Head of the Youth, Sports and Tourism Office of North Aceh. My own area, where I was born and raised,” said Nurul by telephone from Hanoi Airport, heading to Indonesia, Monday (23/5/2022) afternoon.

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Nurul and his entourage headed to Indonesia via Hanoi Airport.

Since achieving in the 2021 Olympic world event until the 2022 SEA Games, the North Aceh Regency Government has never given any appreciation to the girl.

When he won bronze at the Olympics, the Aceh government promised to give bonuses in the form of houses.

“I haven’t received it yet. I received news that the house will be handed over in September 2022,” said Nurul.

So what is Nurul’s next hope?

He hopes that the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of Aceh can appoint outstanding athletes to become Civil Servants (PNS) the same as athletes from the previous year. Currently, Nurul is a contract worker at the Aceh Provincial Youth and Sports Office.

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Nurul also felt worried. This is because President Joko Widodo has instructed all regions to no longer employ contract employees.

“I hope that I can be appointed as a civil servant like other athletes. Previously, there were athletes through a special quota who were appointed as civil servants. Moreover, reportedly next year there will be no more contract employees. I am now a contract employee,” he said.

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The same hope was conveyed by Hasballah, Nurul’s biological father.

“Hopefully President Joko Widodo and Menpora can appoint my son as a civil servant. Now still young, still strong, so not competing anymore, what is the future in old age. Hopefully this will be heard by the president,” concluded Hasballah.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Youth, Sports and Tourism Office, North Aceh, Saifuddin, was contacted separately, claiming that he could not comment much.

“For the award, I first discussed it with the leadership. If there is further information, I will let you know again,” he said briefly.

Previously, it was reported that Nurul won a silver medal at the SEA Games. This achievement has made Nurul one of the athletes with consistent achievements in the world event, having previously won bronze at the 2020 Olympics.

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