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The League 1 It will not be played on Sundays yet, despite the permission that the Government granted the FPF. The Professional Soccer League announced the official schedule for the 9th Opening Tournament 2020, which will be played between Saturday 29, Monday, August 31 and Tuesday, September 1.

Lima Alliance vs. Cusco FC It will be one of the highlights of the ninth date and the first day of competition. It will be a new opportunity for Mario Salas to achieve his first triumph as a blue and white coach and before another enormous challenge such as the toned club from Cusco, which has three consecutive wins under the command of Carlos Ramacciotti.

That same day the leader Ayacucho FC will seek to return to the triumph before Mannucci. Cesar Vallejo vs. Sport Huancayo will be in charge of breaking the fires of matchday 9.

Although they still do not have the endorsement as a match day, Sundays may be a training day for the clubs that play on Mondays as Sporting Cristal and academic.

Roberto Mosquera’s team will compete against Cantolao in Matute and Ángel Comizzo’s will do the same before Scienceno at the Alberto Gallardo.

University Alliance vs. Municipal and Sport Boys vs. Melgar will be the other duels on the second day of competition on date 9 of the League 1.

The final point will be Carlos Stein vs. UTC, San Martín vs. Binational and Llacuabamba vs. Athletic Grau.

Schedule Date 9 of League 1


11:00 hrs Cesar Vallejo vs Sport Huancayo
Miguel Grau Stadium

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13:15 hrs Alianza Lima vs Cusco FC
Alberto Gallardo Stadium

15:30 Ayacucho FC vs Mannucci
Miguel Grau Stadium


11:00 Cienciano vs University
Alberto Gallardo Stadium

13:15 hrs Cantolao vs Sporting Cristal
Alejandro Villanueva Stadium

15:30 hrs Alliance University vs Municipal
Alberto Gallardo Stadium

18:00 Sport Boys vs FBC Melgar
Alejandro Villanueva Stadium


11:00 Carlos Stein vs UTC
Videna FPF

13:15 hrs San Martín vs Binacional
Miguel Grau Stadium

15:30 Llacuabamba vs Grau
Videna – FPF

What channels broadcast Liga 1 Movistar?

It is important to highlight that GOL Peru has the broadcasting rights of most teams in the League 1 Movistar, so you can follow their local meetings by said signal, except for four sets.

The local parties that hold University Alliance, Atlético Grau, Deportivo Llacuabamba and Carlos Stein will be transmitted through DirecTV. On matchday 9, said channel will again broadcast three games: one on Monday and two on Tuesday.


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