Sport Liga MX emergency appointment to clubs to cancel Clausura...

Liga MX emergency appointment to clubs to cancel Clausura 2020

Abigail Parra

Mexico City / 05/22/2020 09:06:36

Closing 2020 ends. What was scheduled for Monday had to be advanced. On Friday morning, the clubs will meet virtually to make the tournament official.

Although there was a meeting scheduled for next Monday, last night (yesterday Thursday) an emergency call came from the offices of Enrique Bonilla to the clubs to meet them this Friday at 11 am.

This is due to what has happened in recent days such as 12 contagions of players in the Club Santos Laguna. In addition to the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in different entities of the country such as in Mexico City, where the government plans to open the stadiums until the beginning of July and without a public.

What will happen to Liga MX?

The definitive cancellation of the C2020 seems to be the most effective way for the League and the clubs in the face of adversity, since the beginning of the Opening will also take a long analysis since even August does not seem to be a hopeful month in the midst of this pandemic.

On the other hand, sources assured Mediotiempo that although Blue Cross He would not be determined as a champion, he would have a kind of reward for being awarded a place in the Concacaf Champions League from season 20-21 with León.

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