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Liga MX owners, fed up with ‘rebels’ of the Ascent – Sniper


Among so much information that goes from one place to another, especially to know how the trend continues in defining the future of the Closing 2020, I found out something tasty that I couldn’t wait to tell you in this Thursday’s column, so here I go since they opened the space for me on Wednesday.

It turns out that there was another row at the meeting on Tuesday between Bonilla, his canchanchanes, and the owners of the former MX Ascent, in which they did not agree on the rules of the new Expansion League, again with the people of Black Lions protesting anything, without accepting proposals, with complaints from all sides. There were no more hats because they continue to Zoom, but only that was missing.

The worst thing was not that there is no fix, but that they already angered others, I mean several owners of Liga MX, who are getting tired of reaching out and grabbing your foot. In the talks I found several points in common: there are clubs that no longer want to contribute wool to help those below due to this type of denial.

What angers them the most is that the most tantrum teams, that is, UDG, Venados de Mérida and Correcaminos de la UAT, continue to speak and complain, but they have already signed the financial rescue! That is to say, they already accepted and received the first part of the payment that will come from the division above to solve the economic problems in the silver circuit. I complain and complain, but collect and collect.

There are seven owners of Liga MX who voted against changing the MX Ascent to the Expansion League from the beginning, those who are talking to each other to propose that this aid be canceled. Just as they read it.

Black Lions and company tantrums have their hats on these owners, who did not want the possibility of contributing large amounts of money to clubs that are determined to ask for more and more. “Better scratch with your own nails,” said one of the ears that told me about the subject.

And I wonder, those who do need help, what fault are they? Can you imagine reversing the decision to contribute those amounts? That instead of making proposals, let Ascenso MX stay stranded there? Instead of 12, they would play eight. And the following year, six if it goes well. For what awaits us after the contingency, without the help that circuit will soon disappear. Let’s see how the cocolazos get today.


By the way, I had already told you that there was no meeting scheduled for Wednesday to vote for the future of Liga MX, and my ears from the FMF confirm this just before I sent this column to the newspaper. They updated me: it turns out that it is planned for the following Monday, to have time to prepare proposals, especially from the group that wants this tournament to be played, which we already know is headed by Chivas.

So, a few more days with the uncertainty of what will happen to our tournament, although the trend continues to indicate that it will be canceled.




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