Sport Liga MX will be terminated; there will be no...

Liga MX will be terminated; there will be no champion

This morning, Enrique Bonilla, president of the Liga MX, held a virtual meeting with several of the main executives of Mexican soccer, as well as sponsors, and reached an agreement that there are no conditions to resume Clausura 2020, so that in the next few hours it will be official that the League tournament MX is over … And he will have no champion.

Despite efforts to resume the event, with closed-door duels, the complexity of the situation Mexico is experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the difficulty in accommodating the remainder of the football commitments in 2020, led to its being taken this determination, almost unanimously.

The main obstacle was the payment of television broadcasting rights for the 18 clubs, but the television stations involved will reach agreements so that there are no problems, in addition to giving priority to giving adequate space to the Opening 2020, which would start in early August.

This determination will also allow there to be some space for meetings of the Mexican National Team, which has not been active since November and which has already had five matches canceled in 2020, three friendlies and two corresponding to the “Final Four” of the League of Nations of the Concacaf.

Because the epicenter -in Mexico- of the coronavirus pandemic is the capital and its metropolitan area, America, Cruz Azul and the Pumas were unable to play in their stadiums, even behind closed doors, in addition to other teams such as the Toluca, the Xolos and even Puebla.

It will be the first time in the history of the professional era of Mexican soccer that the championship is declared void. 10 days had been played and the leader was Cruz Azul, with 22 points, followed by León, with 21.

The units achieved in this tournament will be taken into account for the subsequent quotient tables.

There were few teams that did not agree to end the Clausura 2020, one of them was Guadalajara, who always appealed for the competition to continue despite the tight schedules. It must be remembered that of all the clubs involved, Chivas is the only one that has collected their television rights in advance, so it is, in that sense, in a different situation than the others.

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