Like a house of cards before it collapses. The bank warns against Tesla shares


tern trading on the american stock exchange again noted the sale of the title of technology companies. Shares of Tesla closed 21 percent, from $ 5 onwards, their price fell $ 88 to $ 330.2 apiece.

The carmaker Elona Muska will make a huge difference to investors this year, so in August it divided the shares in the ratio of five to 1. The price of this attacked the level of 2,000 dollars per piece (45 thousand crowns) and was one of the highest on Wall Street. The division itself had no effect on it, it only made the shares available to so few investors. After that, they are now traded at a price of hundreds of dollars.

Pestoe have the worst trading day in a full year, Tesla shares remain 300 percent this year. The main result is the favorable economic results of the company. Despite the coronavirus crisis, the manufacturer reported an electric car for the second year’s profit. Tesla is in the red with the three quarters after what she never managed before. The overwhelming majority of its existence so far, society has been at a loss.

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According to skeptical investors, the rise in prices for the company’s stock shares did not respond to real estate. Even if you paint the best scene, for example, Tesla will sell 30 million cars in the last ten years, enter the business with insurance and it will be as high as Toyota, but the price of the event suggests that the profits should go to you, he told the station. CNBC f investin by New Constructs David Trainer. Let’s think it’s a big, one of the biggest in history, a house of cards, is about to collapse, he added.

According to him, the risk is also a recent action. Their total volume did not change, they only lasted for more than Divided by the two as a way to lure nothing, I sophisticated traders just to push the price up. This is not a real strategy, said Trainer.

According to him, the actual value of the American carmaker’s action is now around $ 50 apiece. He argues, for example, with its low share in the European market, where it has to compete with traditional car manufacturers, who are making a big commitment to electromobility with strong support in the form of various incentives.



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