Like a picture of Instagram the eggs could trick the whole world.


For a whole month, the account world_record_egg, after breaking the record on likes on instagram, has remained a mystery to users of social networks. Now the journalists have been able to talk with his mysterious creator, in addition to discovering the identity and the motivations of the user. It turned out that the whole team worked on the egg, and all for advertising.

On January 4, an account called world_record_egg appeared on Instagram with a single picture of a chicken egg on a white background. So an anonymous user has set a really incredible task: to beat the world record of like on the social network, as reported in the publication.


Together we set up a world record and make the post with the most likes on instagram. Let's beat the current record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million [лайков]). We will make it. #Like Egg # Warriors Eggs # Gang Eggsoriginal

The history of the renowned eggs on the Internet (among others, it turned out that its name is Eugene) was worthy of forming the basis of the plot of a detective series. However, as far as possible, world_record_egg has achieved its goal: in ten days the user has had 24 million hearts and on 4 February has accumulated over 50 million.

Looking at the sudden rise of Eugene, journalists and users of social networks have tried to find out the reasons and the personality of the mysterious author of the post. In the end, the publications were able to take a comment from an anonymous author and calculate how much he would gain from popularity, but the user carefully hid his identity.

In the following month, the user published four new posts, each of which cracked the original eggs. Therefore, the creator made it clear to the subscribers that soon someone would have hatched from the egg.


Broken but still sweet. original

The situation changed on February 2, when the first advertising post was published in the world_record_egg account. A cracked crack appeared on the cracked shell, which made the egg look like an American football ball. And the author has invited millions of subscribers to use the Hulu video service to view the Super Bowl – the football games of the NFL championship.


The wait is complete. "Everything will be revealed this Sunday after the Super Bowl Watch it first, only with Hulu. original

The next day, Hulu users learned something new about the egg. Before the Super Bowl broadcast, users were forced to watch a commercial with Eugene, where the egg was promoting the company Mental health America.

On Monday 4 February, the same video appeared on world_record_egg on Instagram. In the video, the egg broke and reported that the problem occurred with him due to an excessive pressure from social networks. Then the hero made it clear that the same thing could happen to you and then he offered to visit the Talking egg site.

Hello. I'm world_record_egg (you could hear about me). Recently, I started to decipher under the pressure of social networks. If you're doing it, talk to someone. We can manage it. To learn more, visit

The homepage of the Talking Egg website invites visitors to use the services of mental health centers in Europe, the United States, Australia and Africa. So it turned out that for a whole month the owners of world_record_egg prepared the ground for a large-scale advertising campaign.

Meanwhile, journalists have resumed their attempts to reveal the identity of the author of the whole idea, but have not relied on the word of honor of the user himself. With the help of a short internet browsing, BuzzFeed discovered that all of Eugene's roads lead to the 29-year-old advertiser Chris London Godfrey.

A man works at The & Partnership advertising agency and was one of the first to tweet on an instagram egg. It is worth noting that at that time world_record_egg was still far from the record. Godfrey himself soon canceled his Twitter page, but the publication kept a screenshot.

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However, journalists contacted Alex Miku, digital director of another London advertising agency. The man was familiar with Godfrey, he was on friendly terms with him on Facebook and admitted that "Chris created an Instagram account for eggs".

A few days before the egg broke the registers of social networks, Miku tweeted celebrities to help promote Eugene.

Hey, Krissy Teigen (American model, TV presenter – Comment: Medialeaks). I hope everything is going well. Can you help us make this picture of an egg on instagram the most favorite post in the story? Millions of graces.

Despite perseverance, BuzzFeed never managed to get new feedback from marketers. The journalists of the New York Times, who contacted Chris Godfrey and his two assistants, Alyssa Khan-Whelan and Sigej Brown, were able to conclude the exhibition of the anonymous author. That evening, interviewers found out who was behind the world_record_egg account.

As advertisers said in the publication, in January 2019 Godfrey learned that the most popular post on Instagram was the publication of an American model and actress Kylie Jenner. The man took it as a challenge and decided to change everything.

I ask myself the question, can something as universal and simple as an egg break this record? The egg has no sex, race or religion. An egg is an egg, "explained Godfrey.

The further history of the formation of world_record_egg is already known to you. In turn, Godfrey noted that the growing popularity of the account was completely organic, and marketers did not order page advertisements to the most popular bloggers.

No one helped the egg to gain popularity, no user or group of users helped to blow up the Internet. I think we were helped by teenagers. The history of the egg began to spread in schools and playgrounds, said the man.

The experts agreed that young people have become the key to the success of the record-breaking egg. At the same time, the team refused to disclose how much money it received from the Hulu advertising service. Some experts suggest that the promotion costs about 10 million dollars, but Khan-Whelan claims that the figure is very exaggerated.

According to the creators of world_record_egg, the dissemination of information on mental health centers is only the beginning. Godfrey and his assistants will use the popularity of the egg for other socially useful purposes.

"People have fallen in love with this egg and Eugene wants to continue to spread positive messages," said Godfrey.

At the end of the conversation with journalists, Khan-Whelan noted that the team recently made the decision to reveal their identity to the public. Marketers felt the need to establish an open dialogue with subscribers and to fully experience the popularity of their brand in the business.

If you've already had time to be offended by Godfrey and his team, the US artist device will help you get revenge on all public relations employees at the same time. The inventors have created glasses that block all outdoor advertising for the owner. It looks like magic, but no, this is the future.

Examples of particularly creative advertising can be found in the Russian segment of social networks. One of these was the campaign to promote the game "Great Sultan". If you still do not know what it is, then you have to see urgently how it was sold to memes.



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