"Like a pig": Shnurov was molested for treating sexual Lorak in Golos


Ani Lorak appeared on the set for the upcoming season of the show "Voice". A popular artist appeared in a short black dress with a deep neckline, and this dress did not leave anyone indifferent to the fans.

In the social network Instagram Ani Lorak has published a short video made during the filming of the next release of the music program "The Voice". In the red chairs of the tutors, they are all the same: rapper Basta, the leader of the Leningrad group, Sergei Shnurov, composer Konstantin Meladze and singer Ani Lorak.

In the video, the artist is captured as he goes to his place. To record the show, the singer chose a short black dress, whose salient point was a vertiginous neckline. "Are you ready?" – asked Ani's subscribers in the video's caption.

Coming to his chair, Lorac listened to applause and applause. Just then, Basta approached her and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. Ani Lorak left the hall, and then he was about to sit down, but he saw Sergei Shnurov sitting next to him and went up to him to greet him too. He got up, squeezed her hand, and the artists exchanged kisses.

For some reason, many fans were outraged by the behavior of the Leningrad group leader. Network users did not like Sergey to be the first to come to Ani to greet her, just as Basta did.

"Like a pig, this cord", "Why should I ❤️ Carolina come to Cord to greet him?", It's wrong, Sergey, "" Just get up immediately, rope on rope "," But Cord could get up and go "," A man sits down and waits for a woman to approach him: this cord is not educated (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. "Ed.)", users of the network have criticized the artist.


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