Like a well-oiled machine! The Czech champion was in full swing and cut down the home favorite. He even yelled at his opponent

The top of the domestic boxing scene secured the golden nail of the Pilsen The Ring tournament. In the role of cruiserweight champion, the best current Czech boxer Vasil Ducár presented himself, who, after less than two years, once again met Václav Pejsar, a native of Pilsen. While in 2020 the first-named already won in the third round, this time there was a ten-round spectacle.

It was once again dominated by Ducár, who confirmed his position as the home number one and with a precise performance that took a lot of strength from him, he slowly and surely broke the opponent. The fiercely defending Pejsar did not get into significant problems during the ten rounds, but at the same time he did not threaten the champion very often and was unable to beat him even a second time. “The opponent boxed in a very defensive style, it was difficult to get over it. He didn’t want to attack at all, it’s hard to get into the concreted defense,” explained Ducár, why he didn’t get the opponent into the count even once.

Radek Roušal awarded Jiří Korda a KO right in the first roundVideo:

It was the opponent’s defensive style that forced Ducár to verbal attacks, but it did not lead to greater activity. “I wanted to open up the defense for him and tease him a little to start doing something. The spectators were chanting my name, so I told him that Pilsen is mine and that it’s a shame that my name is being shouted here,” continued the successful champion of the cruiserweight title.

The ten-piece spectacle really got the fans in the Pilsen hall to a boil. Groups of fans roared in support of both boxers, one of the biggest domestic duels of this year thus earned a well-deserved backdrop. “It was a great atmosphere. Someone cheered for me, someone of course for Vasil,” praised Pejsar, who, although he survived all the opponent’s attacks, was still not enough for a point victory.

The harsh pre-match words are also a thing of the past, both protagonists of the main match put it behind them. “I tried a mental breakdown before the match and I wanted to use all the weapons. Otherwise, everything’s fine, we’re friends,” explained Pejsar, who is making plans for the next months in his head. It’s quite possible that he’s getting ready for a rematch with Russian Dmitry Kudryashov.

Lukáš Fajk did not mess with it. He sent Bojan Cestice to the ground three times and it was overVideo:

Heavyweight Lukáš Fajk performed quick work at the gala evening. The Czech boxer scored his fourth KO in a row, this time he was punched by Bosnian tough guy Bojan Cestić. After the powerful bombs, the count came already during the opening three minutes, at the beginning of the second round came another uncompromising drive, after which the Bosnian fell to his knees twice more and could not get back on his feet for the third time.

Even the talented Radek Roušal did not break a sweat between the sixteen ropes, as he followed up on a recent duel under the baton of the Oktagon MMA organization. For the second time in five months, he ran into Jiří Korda, with whom he literally played. The dominant performance complemented by a series of accurate punches could not stop the latter, and his fall to the ropes ten seconds before the end of the first round meant the end.

An atypical end to the match was offered by the main pre-match between Slovakian Zsolt Osadan and Nicaraguan cornerback Ramir Blanco, who accepted the offer of a mutual shot just two days before it took place. However, the Slovak scorer’s twenty-fourth win in a row did not come easy at all, as clear proof was the unpleasant laceration on his eyebrow that adorned Osadan from the beginning of the match. The even clash finally offered an unfortunate clash of heads in the sixth round. The duel thus ended prematurely, but the victory was awarded to the twenty-seven-year-old Slovak, in whose favor the score judges decided.

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