Like Kúdela and Kamara? A Manchester United star complains of racism

The Swedish striker claims that he was exposed to racist commentary in the qualifying match of the 21 against Italy. Behind the young Premier League star is the coach, the team and the entire Swedish Football Association.

“No one should be subjected to racism, it is completely unacceptable. We all stand for Anthony and support him, “said Swedish coach Claes Eriksson, whose team pulled a 1: 1 draw in Monza in the 92nd minute. “We told our version of what happened and presented a report to both the referees and the match delegates. We are waiting for feedback now. “

The Italian Association denies the allegations. It relies on television footage that does not show any conflict. “We absolutely reject that a footballer of the Italian under-21 national team would express racist comments against an opponent during a match against Sweden. Besides, neither the UEFA delegate noticed the match. There has been no racism, so the Italian Association will protect its image and the image of its players. We hope that the competent authorities will clarify the case immediately, “the Italians responded.

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“At the same time, we reaffirm our commitment that all Italian football, and in particular the national teams that have been involved in many initiatives, are constantly fighting racism. We will continue to condemn all insults and violent incidents. “

The incident is reminiscent of the Spring case of Kúdela vs. Room. Although the Slavist stopper swore that Glasgow Rangers opponents had not said anything racist, UEFA was adamant and Kúdela served a ten-match penalty for alleged racism. He was convicted by television footage of him whispering something in Kamar’s ear. In the case of Elang, there is no such “evidence”.

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