Lily-Rose Depp reveals a rare and hot photo of her 18-year-old brother Jack Depp

If it is usually her mother, Vanessa Paradis, whom she loves to pay homage, Lily-Rose Depp has this evening decided to send a tender wink to her little brother, Jack. This Thursday, April 9, 2020, the young actress and model has indeed published two new photos, on the occasion of the latter’s birthday. In the legend of the publication, the darling of Timothée Chalamet writes: “My little baby Jackie is 18. My baby bro my heart and soul happy birthday I love you SO MUCH! “, which literally means: “My little baby Jackie is 18! My little baby, my brother, my heart and my soul, happy birthday I love you SO MUCH! “.

If the first photo is a snapshot of them where they appear as children, the second photo shows Jack Depp … who has become a handsome young man and who increasingly resembles his father, Johnny Depp. Netizens hastened to highlight her beauty and charisma in comments.

Like her mother, Lily-Rose Depp decided to pursue a double career in modeling since she is the face of the Chanel label and in the cinema since she already has several feature films to her credit. Conversely, Jack Depp leads a life far from the spotlight. It is difficult to know if he lives in France with his mother Vanessa Paradis, who since 2018 has been married to Samuel Benchetrit, where with his father Johnny Depp who lives in Los Angeles.

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