Linda Evangelista demands $ 50 million from the clinic for unsuccessful procedures

The star of the 90s, the legendary top model who dazzled with her beauty. At some point, she just stopped showing in public. And now it became known why – the Evangelist herself revealed her secret.

Cindy, Naomi, Claudia, Christie, Tatiana and Linda. Each of their appearance on the podium became an event. Style icons, idols of millions who dictated conditions and fees. Linda said that for less than 10 thousand dollars a day she would not even get out of bed.

She changed her image every week, for which she received the nickname “chameleon”. Thousands of women followed her by updating their hairstyle and hair color. Linda Evangelista is one of the most beautiful women of the 20th century and the most artistic of the legendary super cohort.

She is now 56, and she could stay in the ranks, like her friends, who are now in demand again. But Linda disappeared from my eyes long ago, and only now did she reveal why.

“Today I am taking a big step forward, exposing to the public what I painfully hid for five years. To my fans, who wondered why I quit my job while my colleagues are still pursuing their careers, I will say: I was horribly disfigured by a procedure called Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting and which did exactly the opposite of what was promised to me, ”she said. she.

On her social media page, Evangelista said that in 2016 she tried to correct her figure using cryotherapy. This is a local effect on fat cells by super-low temperatures. Every year in the world more than half a million women lose weight in this way. But for Linda, the procedure (and seven sessions were done within six months) caused a rare side effect. The fat cells began to grow uncontrollably. Two surgeries did not correct the situation.

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“This procedure not only deprived me of my earnings, because of it I plunged into depression, became disgusting to myself and gradually turned into a recluse,” the model shared.

This online confession generated a flurry of comments. Linda was supported by thousands of people from all over the world, and among the first – her colleagues.

Cindy Crawford: “Linda, your directness and honesty are always recognizable. Bravo!”

Naomi Campbell: “I applaud you for the courage and determination to share your experience and not be a hostage anymore.”

Tatiana Patits: “You are an icon forever, no matter what.”

Linda Evangelista filed a lawsuit against the clinic that performed the cryoprocedure. She states that she was not warned of a possible side effect. The former supermodel estimated her damage at $ 50 million. The case is being considered by the federal court of the state of New York.

And the news is discussed all over the world. At Milan Fashion Week, where the Evangelista once shone, everyone seems to know about her misadventures.

– I’m terribly sorry. This is the history of fashion. She could be here today.

– We must try to live in harmony with ourselves. It’s impossible not to change ever ”

– She’s still good. I’ve seen these photos. She is beautiful. I love her.

Linda does not give interviews or post selfies in her current state. But the paparazzi have already started hunting her.


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