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beautiful palm She has shared at various times, through her social networks, her experience with this autoimmune disease that affects the nervous system, a condition with which she was diagnosed for several years and that at different times has led her to distance herself from the cameras.

The presenter of the entertainment section of the Snail channel revealed in an interview with Channel 1’s Lo Sé Todo entertainment program how running and participating in track and field races have become an important part of her process of staying healthy.

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“Since my recovery from the relapse I started running and the truth is now I enjoy it very much,” said the presenter, who in 2017 went through a difficult time due to the effects of the multiple sclerosis and had to face an arduous recovery process that even involved therapies to learn to walk again.

A few days ago, Linda Palma shared images on her Instagram account about her participation in the most recent edition of the Women’s Race and invited her followers to join next year.

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In the Channel 1 program, the Barranquilla also referred to her project to create a digital platform to help people suffering from multiple sclerosis or other autoimmune diseases.

“I am quite involved with making new content, they are going to see a little of everything, know what they do not know about Linda Palma, let’s say that what they know about me is very punctual what I do in the news and nothing else, I am very reserved with my things, but through my page they will find out what I like, what I don’t like, what I do, so they will see beyond what this woman is “, he commented in Lo Sé Todo.

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He also commented that he likes to travel, learn about new cultures, go to the movies and read, plans that he also hopes to share as special content to his followers on the platform he prepares. “I like to move around a lot, explore many things, because I believe that Bogotá gives us thousands of options to discover, so I enjoy it a lot,” he said on the program.


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