Linda Ready to Face Teddy Minahasa Drug Case Prosecution Trial


Defendant Linda Pujiastuti alias Anita will face trial for drug charges Inspector General Teddy Minahasa next week. Linda stated that she was ready to attend the trial in person to hear and accept the demands of the Public Prosecutor (JPU).

“I am ready to attend to hear the demands from the Public Prosecutor. I admit my mistake and I am ready to accept and hear these demands,” Linda said on her lawyer’s Tiktok account, Adriel Viari Purba, as seen by, Wednesday (22/3/2023) .

Linda hopes that her honesty in the trial of this drug case will be of value in the hearts of the community. He also thanked the panel of judges for the trial.

“Hopefully my honesty from the beginning until now has value in the hearts of the people, and to the noble panel of judges, thank you. Enthusiasm,” said Linda.


In this case, Dody Prawiranegara was charged with offering, buying, selling, and intermediary for class I narcotics, not the methamphetamine type plant, which resulted in confiscated goods weighing more than 5 grams. This act was carried out by Dody and three other people, one of whom was the former West Sumatra Regional Police Chief Inspector General Teddy Minahasa.

“Those who do, who order to do, and who participate in doing, without rights or against the law offer to sell, sell, buy, receive, act as an intermediary in buying and selling, exchanging or handing over non-plant class I narcotics, which weigh more than 5 (five) grams,” said the prosecutor.

The three people in question are Inspector General Teddy Minahasa, Syamsul Maarif, and Linda Pujiastuti. They were charged in separate files. The methamphetamine that was being traded was said to have come from evidence in a narcotics case which was set aside and then replaced with alum.

Dody was charged with Article 114 paragraph 2 subsidiary Article 112 paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 55 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics.

Linda herself admits that she is Inspector General Teddy’s wife. However, Linda’s claim was denied by Teddy.

In addition, the prosecutor also said that Inspector General Teddy protested about the sale of confiscated methamphetamine. The prosecutor said that Teddy did not accept that the share he received from the sale of methamphetamine amounted to Rp. 300 million per kg.

“In this case, the figure meant by the figure of Anita Cepu by Witness Teddy Minahasa Putra is witness Linda Pujiastuti alias Anita. As for the intent and purpose of Witness Teddy Minahasa Putra to send the mobile number of witness Linda Pujiastuti alias Anita to the defendant so that witness Linda Pujiastuti alias Anita will later assigned to sell the methamphetamine-type narcotics, then the number of witness Linda Pujiastuti alias Anita was given to witness Syamsul Ma’arif,” the prosecutor said when reading Dody’s indictment.

On September 24, 2022, Dody is said to have informed Teddy that methamphetamine had been received by Anita Cepu and that he would be paid IDR 400 million per 1,000 gram or 1 kg. The prosecutor said that Anita asked for Rp. 50 million for intermediaries and Rp. 50 million for intermediaries, so that the total that Teddy received was Rp. 300 million.

“That on September 24, 2022 at around 12.35 WIB. The defendant sent a message via the WhatsApp application to the witness Teddy Minahasa Putra who basically informed that methamphetamine-type narcotics had been received directly by the witness Linda Pujiastuti alias Anita and would be paid IDR 400 million per 1,000 gram , but reduced by Rp. 50 million for the witness Linda Pujiastuti alias Anita and besides that, another Rp. 50 million was also reduced for the person who connected to the buyer,” said the prosecutor.


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