Lindsay Lohan is engaged… Mariah Carey celebrates Hanukkah…

Lindsay Lohan is engaged… Mariah Carey celebrates Hanukkah…
Mariah Carey celebrates Hanukkah by teaching her twins a song

Mariah Carey celebrated the start of Hanukkah by teaching a new song to her twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

“Happy Hanukkah! I learned this one in school, I thought I was going to pass it on to Roc and Roe, but I don’t think they have it yet, ”she wrote. in the caption of a video on which we can see her performing this traditional song to her children. And indeed, they do not seem very concerned!

Lindsay Lohan is engaged

Keira Knightley’s remet du covid

Keira Knightley caught the covid, just like her husband and their kids! As a result, they are all confined to their London home. “I have covid and I don’t feel very well,” she revealed to Stella magazine, revealing that her husband is asymptomatic. “He’s pretty arrogant about it. He’s convinced it’s because he’s swimming in cold water and I’m not, ”she adds.

Her two daughters, Edie and Delilah, have tested positive, but are recovering faster than her.

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