Lindsay Lohan with strange Pepsi commercial

Lindsay Lohan (36) is known for causing a stir in the media with her scandalous lifestyle. Among other things, the actor has been in and out of rehab with both alcohol and drug problems.

But the 36-year-old is also well known for his participation in both films and series.

Anyone who has seen Lohan in the role of Cady Heron in «Mean Girls» is well known for the iconic dance scene where the four girls swing to the Christmas carol “Jingle Bell Rock”.

Now the actor has apparently brought back the Cady character – and that in a new Pepsi commercial. It reports Today.

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Brings back the character

On the first of December, Pepsi announced that they have formed a partnership with Lohan. During the Christmas season, the soft drink brand wants Pepsi drinkers to try out a new variant of the soft drink, and Lohan will therefore help them promote this.

The drink consists of Pepsi and a somewhat surprising ingredient, namely milk. It is called Pilk, which should be the composition of Pepsi and milk, i.e. “milk” in Norwegian. The soft drink brand recommends consuming the dubious mixture with crackers during the Christmas season.

In the promotional video, which has been published on TikTok, Lohan sits wearing what is supposed to be a variation of the sexy pixie suit used in “Mean Girls”.

The nostalgic references to the iconic film have not gone unnoticed by the fans.

“On Wednesdays we drink beer”

One TikTok user wrote, “I saw Lindsay drinking Pepsi and milk, so I started drinking Pepsi and milk,” which was a reference to the famous line from the movie: “I saw Cady Heron wearing camo pants and flip flops, so I bought camo pants and flip flops”.

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Another commented “On wednesdays we drink pilk” which can be translated to “on Wednesdays we drink pilk” – which is also a twist on a phrase from the film – “On wednesdays we wear pink”.

While one follower was just happy to see the actor, there are also plenty of those who are now butchering the promotional video.

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The fans are going crazy

Although the “Mean Girls” references seemed to have poked at the nostalgia of many, the joke doesn’t seem to be catching on as well among TikTok users.

One follower has, among other things, described the new Pepsi as a “war crime”.

“Puke simulator,” read another comment.

“What the hell, ugh,” wrote a third.

Several have commented “diarrhea”, or simply left an emoji of a toilet, to show what they think of the new soft drink.

“Lindsay, blink if you need help,” commented one follower, who apparently didn’t understand why the actress would promote such a weird mix.

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However, the negative feedback does not seem to bother Lohan significantly.

According to Today she wrote in a press release that starting a partnership with Pepsi to promote popsicles and crackers has been an incredible experience.

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