Linux, the operating system with the largest number of users in the world, is 25 years old News from El Salvador


Mobile phones, televisions, Internet platforms: almost all information technology is nowadays based on free software, the operating system with the largest number of users in the world and responsible for the greatest transfer of knowledge of humanity, the whose maximum referent is Linux, launched 25 years ago.

Mobile devices running Android (Google), along with Apple, Amazon and the rest of the big technology companies use free software; c & # 39; is also Linux on Marswith exploration robots and space stations, hospitals, town halls and airplanes.

It is something totally ubiquitous, explained Spanish teachers Julio Mariño and Jesús González Barahona, of the School of Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, as well as Juan Tomás García, head of the technological vision Sngular consultant.

"Undisputed leader"

The origins of the also known as GNU / Linux, a free software resulting from the combination of different projects, date back to 1991, although it was March 14, 1994 when it was finally made available to the public for the first time in its version 1.0. 0.

This system was led by the Finnish engineer Linus Torvalds, although he was inspired by contributions like those of the American programmer Richard Stallman.

Currently, the GNU / Linux system is the "undisputed leader" in software of the world, according to González Barahona.

His development and contribution "has changed the computer, with many companies that have collaborated on thousands of projects for business use", explained the expert.

The system "ends up virally and rapidly adapting to people's needs", with the option of being able to solve the problems that might arise, added Mariño.

"Nobody is completely against free software. Microsoft has its open source programs, and also apple is Google. These companies already have a more or less open position ", explained this professor, despite his initial opposition to it as a threat to his commercial interests.

"If Google had tried to launch a platform in its time without free software, I couldn't have, I would have had to pay very expensive licenses, I wouldn't have had enough money," said Sngular.

"No one would have had the software's ability to run its own technology," according to Google, according to this specialist.

"Free software was the greatest transfer of technological knowledge that has ever been in the history of humanity"he said, and "almost all the technological revolutions of recent years" are connected to it.


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