Lion. Prosecutor’s Office captures a cell of hitmen

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Lion / 17.01.2021 17:39:24

A cell of hitmen were captured in León, after an operation between Criminal Investigation Agents of the State Attorney General’s Office, elements of the State Public Security Secretariat as well as elements of the SSP of León.

Through a statement it was reported that An address that functioned as a “safe house” was found by a cell of hitmen from a criminal group that operates in the area.

In that place four people were captured in possession of an arsenal as well as tactical equipment, vehicles, cash, various doses of drugs and communication equipment in the building, in the city of León.

The detainees were identified as Marco Antonio, Alfonso, Abimael and another man who said he was a minor. These men are blamed for more than a dozen homicides, in most cases those allegedly responsible for beheading their victims.

Agents of the Public Ministry of the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Investigation of High Impact Crimes, led the development of investigation actions that allowed obtaining valuable information, which led to the elements of the Special Reaction and Intervention Group (GERI) of the Investigation Agency Criminal (AIC), to design operational intelligence to enter the target property in the city of León.

In the place, 4 long weapons, 3 short weapons, tactical equipment, more than a dozen cartridges and chargers, telephone equipment, motor vehicles, a motorcycle with a theft report, several doses of drugs, as well as scales used to weighing it and a safe.


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