“Lionel Messi has a lot to do. Robert Lewandowski for a long time.”

Łukasz Jachimiak: 8: 2, and it could have even been double-digit, as evidenced by the shots statistics: 26 Bayern and 7 Barcelona. What was that? How to explain it?

Andrzej Juskowiak: It is very rare at the highest level that one team presents itself perfectly in all respects and the other in all respects hopeless. Bayern showed great physical form, impressive understanding between the players and freedom game. And Barcelona turned out to be even more depressing for its fans at a time than everyone thought. She could only count on a flash of genius from Lionel Messi again, as in the last game against Napoli. But Bayern played their part from the first action and managed the game so that there was not even five minutes for Barcelona to have any hope.

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With this goal, Robert Lewandowski went down in history! [ELEVEN SPORTS]

But maybe five minutes of Barcelona’s hope would be found. Immediately after Alaba’s own goal at 1-1-1 there was a Messi throw that nobody cut and the ball hit the post. It could have been 2: 1 for Barca. But I guess it’s hard not to get the impression that Bayern losing 1: 2 would not do anything about it and that this machine would crush Barcelona anyway?

– At the moment no one in the world plays like Bayern. For him, the main goal is to intercept the ball as quickly as possible and deliver it to a place where you can score a goal immediately after the interception. In Bayern, not one or two players assume pressing in the opponent’s penalty area, but the entire offensive team works like that. This is Bayern’s great strength. Not just any trio who understand each other very well, not just one genius. There is a great team out there that nothing can disturb you. At the moment, probably only Bayern himself could harm himself, something would have to happen inside the team for this machine to get into any trouble. Everyone really plays perfectly there at the moment. And in Barcelona it is quite the opposite. Let’s look at Ter Stegen, for example. He passed to the Bayern players several times, he was wrong to the power. Barcelona looked downright pathetic. She couldn’t get the ball out of her own half.

Reaching half of her own half was difficult for her. I will remember Robert Lewandowski from this match more from his pressing than the goal and the assist. He often went to the defenders and at the same time showed his friends where to run. Mueller’s goal at 4: 1 came after he took the ball in the penalty area.

– Everything is correct. Robert was recovering, Gnabry was recovering, I think each of Bayern’s offensive players had some key interception.

Do you think Josep Guardiola gave up working on Lyon after this game and has already started looking for an idea for Bayern, which is waiting in the semi-finals?

Ha ha, you know Pep can’t help but think of Lyon. He needs to focus on what is now. In the quarter-finals, every opponent is really dangerous. Well, maybe everyone except Barcelona.

It’s easy to say now.

– Sure. Barcelona turned out to be a whipping boy. But for Bayern.

Barcelona is in trouble, it is weak for itself, but when you beat Barcelona 8-2, you can’t help but play with the Champions League favorite patch.

– Of course. There was a lot of speculation before the tournament in Lisbon whether Bayern wouldn’t be an obstacle that Bundesliga ended the game long ago, and other leagues played longer and the rivals will be in the match rhythm. It turned out that it did not matter to Bayern. The German champions prepared themselves excellently, you could see how they dominated Barcelona in terms of motor skills. Barca has players who can run fast. Such Semedo is a fast player, and he had huge problems to catch up. Of course, everyone would have a problem with Davies to keep up. But in general, for the entire 90 minutes someone from Bayern constantly drove the ball to the eighth, seventh, sixth meters from the goal, still the Bayern Barcelona players were running away. In terms of motorization, Bayern looks great. Also by force. Everyone is bouncing off Goretzka, he is behind him, and he will be able to follow most of the offensive actions. And this is how you can tell about every Bayern player. They matched the form perfectly. We’ll see if they will be able to hold it for another week.

They probably not so much hit with the form, but are simply still in it. And they won’t lose her. They are well prepared, and 8: 2 against Barcelona will make their wings grow even more.

– This is true. The rematch with Chelsea was a confirmation that everything was fine, that the preparations went as they were supposed to go, and that Bayern did not lose the beat from the Bundesliga. The coach plays a very important role in Munich. Hansi Flick is calm and you can see that this is very influencing the team. There are changes of positions, one works behind the other, there is friendship. The relationship between players and between players and coach is very good – it shows. The chemistry between them translates into style and results.

The quarter-final against Barcelona is probably a match for which the German media will issue dream notes to all Bayern players. How do you evaluate Robert Lewandowski, who scored “only” one goal and scored “only” one assist?

– He played a very good match, even though he was not a key player. Mueller, Gnabry, Perisic – they took the burden of the result on their shoulders first. Robert worked hard, of course. But when we go back to what happened before the game, we have to say that there was no match between Robert and Messi for the title of the best player in the world. Messi played badly, from a certain point he had had enough, it was obvious that he had already turned off. And Robert is in a team where the wingers score goals, but they also help him score. He worked very hard for the team, so in the end his colleagues tried very hard to notice him and work out a goal for him. If Robert had not scored in such a match, it would be impossible to talk about his frustration, but about insufficiency. A lot happened in the penalty area, the defenders did not play at the level of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, which Robert had to use. He had several situations before the goal.

The best was when he intercepted the ball, went one-on-one with Ter Stegenen and shot forcing into the goalkeeper’s legs.

– Yes, it was a convenient opportunity, he solved it too forcefully. And even before that, he could have scored when Ter Stegen rebounded the shot and Robert was finishing lightly. It was a situational ball. This situation or the cross he headed was not as clean as the one that gave him a 6-2 hit, but he did have them. It seems to me that the pressure of the Lewandowski – Messi duel fell on Robert. In my opinion, it was obvious that he thought a lot about it. And Mueller, Gnabry or Perisic just played and took advantage of Barcelona’s weakness. However, I emphasize that Robert also played very well.

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