Lionel Messi in FC Barcelona: they reveal the dizzying figure of the last renewal of the Argentine with the Barcelona club | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

Although his future in the FC Barcelona, the Argentine’s contract with the Barça club gives a lot to talk about and now because the figures of the last amount for which Lionel Messi He renewed his contract, back in 2017, which included, in addition to a gross annual salary increase, which reached 100 million euros, two additional bonuses.

According to the media ‘La Vanguardia’, the extension of Leo’s contract amounted to a whopping 78 million euros, figure delivered in two bonuses.

The first of those bonuses, for the renewal of his contract, was 39 million and it is what motivated, always according to the media, an anger of the player with the club for his postponement several times. The payment was finally made last July.

Second bonus, in parts

While the second bonus, also from 39 million euros, consisted of a kind of continuity or end-of-career award and its payment was scheduled for when this season ends, 2020-21.

However, this second bonus would also be affected by the agreement to defer payments for four years that the club’s management board recently signed with the squad.

This agreement involves eight semi-annual payments, once the current season ends and until the year 2025.

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