“Lisbon agreed,” and you want to let everyone know: the new video promotes the region’s Tourism

“Today, I woke up with the desire overwhelming to me. I opened the door and the window, I walked out of the house and waved at everyone. I could feel the sun on my skin, and then, in the blink of an eye, the towel was on the beach and the smell of the sea in my hair. Today I woke up and closer to you. Today, I woke up refreshed.”

Those who say it is in Lisbon, which is apparently renewed, but it’s always a girl and a woman, and who, after confinement, caused by the covid-19, and announced to those who will listen that it is ready to receive visitors. This is a concept appears in a new video that promotes the region of Lisbon, portugal.

This video reflects the joy of Lisbon is to be able to go back to the open door in safety, and, finally, to be able to resume normal activity and tourism”says the executive director of Turismo de Lisboa, Paula de Oliveira.

In about thirty seconds, there is a parade in the centre of the city, and the Tower of Belem, but it is also a hop off the Coast of Caparica and the Serra da Arrábida (Arrábida mountain), so it is done on the quayside of the river.

The video, which premiered this week at the site of your Visit to Lisbon and to the respective platform digital “signals a return to a new normal” for the experience“, with confidence, a variety of experiences that the region offers”.

The campaign starts in a week from Lisbon to present his program “the development and funding of domestic tourism: the number of initiatives will be presented on the 16th of June.


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