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  • Book

    Pulp and Paper Industry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Area, Maria Cristina

    ; Braier, Gustavo
    (Environment and Development Foundation, 2008)

  • Book

    Wood Fibres for Papermaking

    Area, Maria Cristina

    ; Popa, Valentin I.
    (Smithers, 2014)

  • Book

    Physicochemistry Ic: Exercises and problems

    New, Manuel Antonio;
    Ares, Alicia Esther

    (National University of Misiones, 2015)

  • Book

    Control systems: Automation as the engine of development

    Cegelski, Cristian Daniel

    ; Katogui, Sergio Edgardo; Stoisa, Hector Adelquis; Corrado, Leandro Javier; Nuñes, Manuel Fernando
    (National University of Misiones, 2019)

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