List of the ministers of the new Government of Pedro Sánchez

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Pedro Sanchez He presented his new Government this Monday. The president repeats the same number of ministers, 22, as in his previous cabinet. A council of ministers made up of 12 women and 10 men, with a high political profile, among whom there are new faces. This is the complete list of Pedro Sánchez’s new team.

Nadia Calvino remains as economy minister y first vice presidentalthough with the aspiration of leaving in January for the European Investment Bank (AT) after more than five years in an Executive where she arrived as a technocrat and from which she will leave as an accomplished politician, but without giving up her independence. She is not affiliated with the PSOE nor has she wanted to be on its lists, but she did not hesitate to put herself on the front line, participating in the development of the socialist program and being accountable for the economic management of the coalition government, in which some came to consider her a threat because its economic orthodoxy.

Yolanda Diaz came to Pedro Sánchez’s first coalition government pushed by Pablo Iglesiasbut he has made his own place, at the head of summer and after deactivating Podemos, and with the endorsement of the measures that he has developed at the head of the Ministry of Labor.

Díaz has thus earned maintaining a Vice presidency and the Ministry of Labor in Sánchez’s new Executive, in which he intends to design his relationship with the PSOE from cooperation, far from the line of confrontation of the previous Podemos ministers, who fear that this will become a crutch for the socialists.

Teresa Ribera is preparing to assume a new mandate at the head of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition in addition to being Third Vice President. It has faced one of the biggest energy crises in history and has worked hard to transform an energy system that is turning inexorably towards renewables. Very belligerent against nuclear energy and fossil fuels, Ribera is one of the few minister that survives from the first Pedro Sánchez Executivein which it has gained political weight, skills and international projection, after its successes in Brussels in energy matters.

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