One of the most active new Latvian bands “Neon Saturdays” has released a new single again and again in Latvian. The song “Never, never” includes reflections on the care and responsibility we take on in the context of personal growth.

In their latest performance, the Sigulda group “Neon Saturdays” has deviated from the sound of the once held rock, preferring softer rhythms of electronic music, but retaining the harmonious vocal performance so characteristic of the group’s work.

“For each of us, the day has come or will come when we decide to make an assessment of self-growth – to list what has already been done, to come to terms with what is overdue and to decide to go further, continuing the same or choosing another path. This song will probably resonate the most with those who have experienced such a period relatively recently. I urge those who are still ahead of the process to prepare in time for seeing themselves from the sidelines, as well as to do it honestly and completely, ”the author of the song, group soloist Andris Ēvelis, outlines the message of the single.

The Neon Saturdays group includes Andris Ēvelis (vocals), Edvīns Rakickis (guitar), Mārtiņš Rudzītis (bass guitar) and Linards Lazdiņš (drums). Last year, the band entered the finals of Latvijas Radio 2 “Muzikālās Bankas” as debutants, winning the 11th place among many recognized and well-known musicians. During the existence of “Neon Saturdays”, two albums and several singles have been released, which have entered the charts of the largest local radio stations. The 2018 album “Freaks In The Ocean” gained the support of local critics and also aired on radio stations outside the Baltics. A year ago, the band released their first song in Latvian – the popular domestic rapper Reiks was also involved in the creation of the single “Tik skaļi”. The band’s next singles in Latvian soon reached the audience – the songs “I’m not afraid” and “Wander the Heart”. It should also be reminded that in 2016, as part of the “Sunset Festival” in Sigulda, “Neon Saturdays” warmed up the main artists of the event – the English rock band “James”, but in the summer of 2018 the group warmed up the famous US singer LP (Laura Pergolici).

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