Listen! These are the Rows of Indonesian Infrastructure Projects That Will Be Built Next Year


The government is preparing a number of infrastructure projects to be built in 2022. These infrastructure projects are under the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR).

Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi said his ministry’s proposed budget for 2022 will reach Rp 32.9 trillion, while the infrastructure budget is Rp 21.6 trillion. The budget will be used to continue the development program brought by the Ministry of Transportation in accordance with the RPJMN in order to improve national connectivity.

“The priority of this implementation is the implementation of the RPJMN program. Implementing important KPIs such as completing Patimban, completing the Makassar-Pare Pare train, maximizing Kertajati operations, upgrading Kuala Tanjung and building New Ambon and New Palembang Tanjung Carat ports,” Budi said at the meeting. collaboration with Commission V of the DPR RI which was broadcast live via YouTube, Thursday (26/8/2021).

In addition, infrastructure projects carried out by the Ministry of Transportation also involve easy access for remote areas. One of them is by adding the Sea Toll Road in Papua to NTT.

“Continuing the program to open the accessibility of remote areas. So to Papua and NTT in particular, we add the Sea Toll so that the rice from Merauke can be distributed to NTT,” he said.

Ministry of PUPR

Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said, in 2022 the Government’s 2022 Work Plan entitled Economic Recovery and Structural Reform with seven National Priorities (PN), one of the priorities is to continue infrastructure development, especially for basic service infrastructure for the community.

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In contrast to the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of PUPR has a planned budget ceiling of Rp 100.59 trillion, including personnel operational expenditures of Rp 3.31 trillion, operational expenditures for goods of Rp 2.51 trillion, education budget of Rp 4.59 trillion, non-operational expenditures of Rp 90, 40 trillion.

“From the budget ceiling Rp 100.59 trillion is allocated for each sector as reflected by the organizational unit. Director General of Natural Resources Rp 41.23 trillion, Director General of Highways Rp 39.70 trillion. This proposal, in the RDP will definitely be discussed. Then the Director General of Human Settlements Rp 12 .51 trillion, and the Director General of Housing Rp. 5 trillion,” said Basuki.

He said that in the future the housing development program will be carried out with a regional approach that integrates housing with settlement infrastructure. “It means, we have had a meeting with Mendes under the leadership of the Vice President, especially the aim is to alleviate poverty and reduce stunting,” he said.

He said, based on the study of the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, poverty alleviation could not be done with social assistance alone, but must be done through empowerment related to the provision of basic housing, drinking water, clean water and sanitation facilities.

“Well, that’s what was assigned to us. For that I ask permission when the RDP in the electoral districts there are pockets of poverty, of which 10 million families are very poor. The location please do not spread out, can focus on one area,” he said.

Meanwhile, PUPR will also continue several infrastructure projects that will continue, for example the construction of 37 dams throughout Indonesia, the construction of 239 km of roads, and construction in the housing sector.



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