Listen up! Homemade rap veterans Kurt and Gacho release a song together

Shortly after the release of his second solo album “Laaika”, rapper Kurt provided a special surprise for the hottest fans and collectors of hip-hop music recordings – a CD of a limited edition album. It includes an as yet unpublished song “Bail”, made with Gacho and is the album’s final composition.

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“We’ve been talking to Gati for years that we definitely need to record a song together, but so far the idea hasn’t materialized. So when I started working on the album, I was 100 percent sure it would have a song with Gati.” Bail “is actually very “is a philosophical song about the feelings that are often heard – the fear of becoming down to earth, modest, being at peace with what has already been achieved, and no longer wanting to discover new horizons. Yes, often the biggest fear is the fear of oneself,” explains Kurt.

With Kurt and Gacho’s collaboration “Bail” coming to the audience, the rapper has finally dispelled the misunderstanding of hip-hop fans about who is the fourth, unannounced guest artist on the album, as only three (musician and producer Fakts, provocative rapper BDM and young , the talented performer Amanito). According to Kurt, the decision to release the closing song of the album after the release of the album was deliberate, because the artist wanted to give his listeners a positive charge of additional emotions, and the song with Gacho definitely claims this wording.“We got to the song together with Kurt a bit through humor. We both worked on our albums at the same time, his album was stylistically more in the style of the new school, but mine – Gacho in the style of the old school. When Kurt offered me to record a song together, I said – well, I’ll replay your album on newschoolbut you in my – to oldschool. It was like an ultimatum, because I know that Kurt didn’t want to replay old school bits while writing his album. Then I jumped into those modern hip-hop sledges and for a moment I remembered my turbulent and carefree years of youth. It’s good that it’s all behind you! “Fear is often our teacher, and it is even healthy to be afraid, because it is one of the ways that makes us think rationally,” says Gacho.

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