Lithuania is in the top three deaths from COVID-19 in Europe: the sad trend does not change

According to the number of lost lives per million inhabitants since the beginning of the pandemic (Diagram No. 2), Lithuania ranks third in Europe. The leading position in deaths goes to Bulgaria (4936), followed by Poland (3643) and Lithuania (3473). 2020-2021 Cyprus (12), Denmark (286) and Finland (455) lost the least number of lives per million inhabitants.

“Monitoring the public space gives the impression that the Ministry of Health is declaring concern for coronavirus, but so far no special unit has been set up to deal with the pandemic and no heads of key public bodies responsible for pandemic management have been appointed, such as the National Center for Public Health , – say health system analysts. “The Ministry of Health does not pay enough attention to diseases such as circulatory and cancer, which have killed more people than coronavirus since the pandemic began.”

According to R.Buivydas and G.Černiauskas, focusing on overcoming the coronavirus is also hindered by the silent speeches of the government about the reform of the health system. This, in their view, is reminiscent of war on two fronts. “Does it make sense to disturb medics who are fighting the pandemic on their own, in terms of office mergers, closures, bed cuts? – asks experts from the European Institute for Health and Sustainable Development.

In their opinion, the presented analysis refutes the often publicly stated statements that Lithuania does not have opportunities to better manage the pandemic. Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark are demonstrating how to overcome the same pandemic with the same measures that Lithuania has.

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