Lithuanian logistics company will also employ drivers from India –

Lithuanian logistics company cargoGO Logistics has selected the first truck drivers in India to work for the company and transport cargo in the European Union and other countries. There are plans to recruit significantly more such experienced drivers from Asian countries in the future.

Pranas Pernaravičius, the head of the company’s Driver Management Department, who returned from India and carried out the selection of truck drivers there, says that getting to know the local drivers is hopeful. After the examination of the platoon drivers, the first particularly experienced tug drivers were selected. Mandatory procedures have now been started so that they can be employed in Lithuania.

“All selected drivers have at least 5 years of international work experience, excellent driving skills, good knowledge of English, the trucks are mixed not only in India, but also in neighboring countries and the Arabian Peninsula: Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates Emirates, – says P. Pernaravičius. “In the future, we see that we can invite much more experienced truck drivers from India, so we will have more selections in this country in the future.”

According to the head of the Driver Management Division, there are plans to hire dozens or even hundreds of highly experienced drivers in India and other Asian countries in the coming years.

“India’s first hired drivers will show the prospects of this great country’s drivers working in the European Union and other parts of the Old Continent. Apparently, they are positive, because drivers from other Asian countries are known as especially disciplined and good drivers, ”says P. Pernaravičius.

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cargoGOIn addition to Lithuania, the group of companies already employs drivers from more than ten countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Latvia, Tajikistan, and Sakartvelo. Osvaldas Švitra, “cargoGO Logistics ”emphasizes that in response to the changing labor market in Lithuania, logistics managers are invited along with drivers from other countries, as such a tandem serves good performance. Administrative staff from abroad also help to reduce cultural differences. Communicating with drivers makes them easier to understand and makes work smoother and more efficient.

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