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Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda expressed the opinion that Russia would not go for a military invasion of the country, but would continue to threaten and create additional tension in the region.

Nauseda also reported that on the territory Lithuania NATO troops are already there.

He spoke about this in an interview with TSN.

“I don’t think so,” the president replied to the question of whether Russia would go into direct confrontation with Lithuania?

I don’t think we’ll be dealing with a military invasion because we are a member of NATO and are protected by Article 5, which effectively provides collective protection. But of course, they will lie and threaten, creating additional tension in the region,” Nauseda explained.

“It is for this reason that we expect the European Commission to adopt new recommendations on transit, and that these recommendations will be transparent, permanent,” he added, noting that Lithuania would not back down from the EU’s decision on sanctions against Russia.

The President of Lithuania said that there are already NATO troops on the territory of the country.

“We already have groups of 11 countries. They operate under the leadership of Germany. I would like to emphasize the significance of my recent joint communiqué with Chancellor Scholz, during which Germany announces commitment to increase military presence in Lithuania to brigade level. Germany has enough political will to support us militarily in such a difficult time,” Nauseda assured.

As a reminder, pursuant to the EU decision of 18 June Lithuania has banned the transit of sanctioned goods and technologies through its territory. This made it difficult for Russia to transport the relevant goods to and from the Kaliningrad region, located between Lithuania and Poland.

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The Russian side reacted to this with threats and the state began on June 20 unscheduled exercises of missile and artillery units in the Kaliningrad region.

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