Lithuanian triathlete, who has not reached the finals of the Games, does not hang his nose: this is only my first Olympics

In the B-group selection of the Tokyo Olympics in Group B, D. Zagainova jumped the farthest 13.10m in the only successful attempt, but that was not enough to reach the 12 finalists of this match.

Her first attempt was disregarded due to the resistance line being crossed, in the second attempt she jumped 13.10 m, the third was again unsuccessful.

This time I felt psychologically strong, but it was very hard physically. You see this not only in the result. I didn’t expect that. The result is bad. There is nothing to comment on.

Diana Zagainova

In order to secure a place in the final, it was necessary to overcome the 14.40 m qualification standard or to be among the 12 athletes who showed the best result in the selection.

In selection group B, D. Zagainova took 15th place among 17 athletes who started.

In general, the Lithuanian representative overtook only four of the 32 triathletes who participated in the selection competition.

The best result among all the participants of the selection was shown by the representative of Venezuela Yulimar Rojas, who jumped 14.77 m.

Yulimar Rojas

“It would be disappointing if you feel good physically but don’t deal with psychology, as happened to me at the 2019 World Cup in Doha. This time I felt psychologically strong, but it was very hard physically. You see this not only in the result. I didn’t expect that. The result is bad. There is nothing to comment on, ”said D. Zagainova after the triple selection at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

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The athlete said she felt best dancing for the third time: “It’s gratifying because when you get stressed, everything slips from under your feet. But I was in a good mood for him, still crossing the line much like the first time. Today it is so. That is how it feels. I pressed everything I could. Why failed? You need to calm down and study with the coach. “

The trio said that she was taking a lot of inspiration from the Tokyo Olympic Stadium despite the unsatisfactory result.

“The experience is invaluable. This is my first Olympics, not my last. I just talked to Olympic champion Caterine Ibarguen. This is her last Olympics, I congratulated her. She came after a camp in Valencia, so we’re a little familiar. She told me well: “The first Olympics are a unique experience and I won’t get it anywhere else. When I come to the second or third Olympics, there will be something completely different. ” It is gratifying to hear such words from her, – continued D. Zagainova. – If you have seen what the norms were this year and, in general, what the level of the Olympics is, I am sure that the world record will be improved in the final of the triathlon and not one will improve those records in the stadium this week. I’m glad I’m here. “

The trio has confirmed that she is determined to make a trip to both the 2024 Paris and 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

The personal record of the European triathlon champion D. Zagainova in 2019 is 14.43 m. This season, Vilnius residents danced the longest 13.68 m.

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Since 2017, D. Zagainova has been training in Valencia (Spain), where she works with one of the best athletics coaches in Spain, Rafael Blangquer Alcantuda. Athletics is also coached by Kęstutis Šapka.

Recall that jumps to the height of the qualification barrier Adrijus Glebauskas did not beat either on Friday. The Olympic debutant jumped first to a 217 cm high cartel, but all three attempts to cross the 221 cm threshold were unsuccessful. In the final standings, A. Glebauskas shared 26-29 places out of 33 participants.

March began at the Tokyo Olympics on Friday one of Lithuania’s greatest hopes Andrius Gudžius. The 30-year-old discus thrower did not reach the qualifying threshold, but with the second best result (65.94 m) in the selection he definitely made it to the finals, which will take place on Saturday at 2.15 pm. Lithuanian time.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo will end on August 8th.

Diana Zagainova

Diana Zagainova

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