Lithuanians have missed Janssen vaccines, the ministry promises changes

Kaunas residents were waiting for Janssen

The fact that it is not possible to choose the Janssen vaccine to register for the vaccine was pointed out by the portal. 15min reader.

“July 8 SAM distributed messagethat 7,200 doses of Janssen vaccine had reached Lithuania, he reminded. – However, almost two weeks after the announcement, it is still not possible to register for this particular vaccine.

For a while, small quantities were only available in smaller towns, but today they show 0 possible vaccines. ”

Not understanding how vaccines are distributed, the reader rhetorically asked why, even with declining vaccination rates, not all manufacturers of vaccines are available to the population?

According to him, for people who do not want to be vaccinated, the Janssen vaccine is like a compromise – one dose is enough, immunity (although statistically weaker) develops faster.

“It is not surprising that most people were waiting for the vaccine on wheels at the vaccination center installed in Kaunas – with or without registration, I will not receive this manufacturer’s vaccine elsewhere in Kaunas.

But that was in the past few weeks – today, the vaccination bus no longer offers Janssen vaccines.

It is very fun to talk about the initiatives that cities are taking to try to maintain the pace of vaccination, but the availability of the desired vaccines does not turn out to be 100%, according to the organizing bodies. “

Erik Ovcharenko / 15min photo / Arūnas Dulkys visited a vaccination point in Palanga

Finally, the reader suggested that these Janssen vaccines may be donated to third parties immediately, “when Lithuania tries to” consume “all expired vaccines from other manufacturers.”

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Supply is limited so far

Early Thursday afternoon data, there were 18,791 doses of Comirnaty vaccine, 4,797 doses of Vaxzevria, 2,883 doses of Moderna and 2 doses of Janssen vaccine available throughout Lithuania.

A couple of hours earlier, the latter was 22, and in the morning – 17. But on Wednesday afternoon, 0 was red next to the Janssen name.

The Janssen vaccine is quite popular in Lithuania, partly due to the fact that it is vaccinated with only one dose, – admitted the representatives of SAM. “It’s convenient because the resident doesn’t have to go to the vaccination center a second time.”

However, according to them, the supply of these vaccines to Lithuania is still very limited – only 83.2 thousand of them were received. doses, significantly less than vaccines from other manufacturers. New consignments are distributed to municipalities according to the number of unvaccinated population and the rate of vaccination.

According to the data of Thursday morning, 3,338,755 doses of vaccines of various companies have reached Lithuania so far. The largest number, 2,244,255, was received from Comirnaty, manufactured by Pfizer / BioNTech. AstraZeneca has already delivered 701,700 doses of Vaxzevria. Another 309,600 doses were delivered by Moderna.

In addition, not all vaccines delivered are included in the online registration system, as some of them are allocated to mobile vaccination points and mobile vaccination teams that work throughout Lithuania and vaccinate the population without registration.

Screenshot  from much Lithuania has received COVID-19 vaccines so far

Screenshot from much Lithuania has received COVID-19 vaccines so far

“For these reasons, it is currently difficult to register for the Janssen vaccine online,” SAM said in a reply. – But we have good news – Lithuania will soon borrow 100 thousand. Janssen will receive doses of the vaccine from Norway in exchange for the same number of doses of Comirnaty vaccine. “

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We will exchange vaccines with Norwegians

On Wednesday, SAM reported that with Norway reciprocal borrowing of vaccines was agreed. The country responded to Lithuania’s request to lend the increasingly popular Janssen vaccine to European countries.

The Norwegians, for their part, have asked for a loan for Comirnaty vaccine. Borrowed vaccines will have to be repaid.

Scanpix Photo / Vaccine from COVID-19

Scanpix Photo / Vaccine from COVID-19

Lithuania 100 thousand. Janssen will take doses of the vaccine from Norway next week. Although almost 700 thousand are reserved. The doses of Janssen vaccine that we are scheduled to receive by the end of this year are still too low to meet public demand.

A similar amount – 100,620 doses of Comirnaty vaccine – will leave Lithuania for Norway next week. SAM stressed that this will not affect vaccination in Lithuania, as more than 500 thousand are stored in freezers. doses of this vaccine, 100 thousand. doses are delivered regularly on a weekly basis.

Vaccines go to people

“So there will soon be more opportunities to register for the Janssen vaccine online,” SAM said. “It is also possible to track the places and times of mobile points – the residents inform the residents about it.”

As already announced, every Thursday without registration vaccination of municipalities throughout the country, and residents are allowed to choose any vaccine available at the vaccination center.

The mobile team of the National Blood Center as well expanded vaccination opportunities in Western Lithuania. From this week, Janssen vaccine can be vaccinated in Klaipeda every Monday and Tuesday without prior registration, and on Saturdays and Sundays in Palanga by the bridge.

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Vaccination is also possible at the mobile vaccination point, which travels through Lithuania throughout July. Vaccination tour the schedule is posted here.

Possibilities for vaccination without registration have also increased in Vilnius. Vaccination bus continues the journey and going to three places this week. Janssen vaccines will be vaccinated at the Akropolis supermarket on Thursday and at the BIG supermarket on Friday.

Mobile vaccination teams promises to work at the Sea Festival in Klaipeda this weekend.

At least one dose of the vaccine in Lithuania by Wednesday were vaccinated 1,324,591 inhabitants (47.4% of the population).


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