Lithuanians taking care of a 16-year-old Ukrainian told what rules they now apply at home

Parents remained in Ukraine to defend the homeland

“At the beginning of March, I went to bring Ukrainian families myself. My wife and I got to know that family before, we communicated and made friends. I never thought that I would have to visit Ukraine in such circumstances and for such a purpose – to help the explosions and to run strangers away from death. I brought six people – all of them related to each other, but I became the guardian of the 16-year-old, and it has already happened and we haven’t considered much. Two relatives of teenagers under our care settled with us. They are already adults, but they are not much older than our ward, others have found shelter in another city when they come to Lithuania, ”says Valentinas about the unexpected role of a guardian.

The man says all three girls are very responsible and friendly. As soon as they had sorted out the documents and rested, the elders asked to find a job. In Ukraine, they had experience in management and trade, and they also found such work in Lithuania. The 16-year-old ward is studying remotely at a medical school in Ukraine.

“Every morning the girl” goes “to the lectures – if the Ukrainian city where the teachers work is not shot at that time, the distance lectures start on time. If the teachers hide from the explosions, the lectures take place at another time. However, the student is not angry – she has not heard that she is dissatisfied with something. On the contrary, he says that he has already realized that it will not be otherwise for a long time, but he feels anxious, although not demonstrated. Maybe we are already emotionally exhausted, we try to talk as much as she wants, ”says Valentinas.

The girl came to terms with the fact that she would soon be seen with her mother and father. Valentin says he understands the parents of the sheltered girl. Taking care of the child’s safety and entrusting their most precious property to Lithuanians, they left themselves to take care of the Homeland – they work in Ukraine to help their country in the most difficult moment.

Asked if the family’s care had been discussed for a long time in the family and who was the first to take care of the girl fleeing the war – Valentina or his wife – the interviewee smiles: maybe such a thought has been going on for a long time, only when the time comes. And both of their children agreed. “

At home, the rules are the same for all children: everyone has the same pocket money, the same entertainment and work at home, and the same means of discipline. “It simply came to our notice then. We only talk about the desire to go to bed late and emphasize a healthy diet. These are very disciplined and responsible girls. He knows the value of money, time and health, ”Valentinas praises the ward and other girls.

New experiences in the family

Touching on the subject of money, Valentine reveals that a girl under guardianship does not require anything special. Dressing modestly, but in style, does not ask collections from famous manufacturers, only because of the food I had to change the family’s cooking habits a bit.

“Ukrainians are still asking for dumplings. They call dumplings everything we call dumplings. For them, dumplings are also dumplings with berries, curd and other filling. The girls were also longing for Ukrainian borscht, so we organized a lunch of Ukrainian cuisine, ”says Valentinas about the new traditions at home.

And Ukrainians continue to wonder how clean Lithuanian cities and towns are, what are the well-maintained parks and places of rest in nature. Girls, wherever they would go or stay in nature, were still amazed that there was no rubbish, no food packaging, even on remote roads.

Valentin points out that it is very important to help people from Ukraine at the moment.

“Ukrainian children will have an difficult task – to rebuild and rebuild their Homeland. It is these children who will have to study and work much more to have the strength, knowledge and determination not only to rebuild what has been destroyed, but also to build and decorate the future of Ukraine. They now need to be helped, strengthened, supported to grow strong and willing, ”Valentinas shared his thoughts.

At present, there are over 50 thousand people in Lithuania. people from Ukraine, more than 20 thousand. of which are children. About 1,300 children came to Lithuania from Ukraine without their parents, including 1,037 single children, most of whom are accompanied by relatives or people with emotional ties, and there are 8 groups of children in the country. 14 children are currently in foster care in Lithuanian families.

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