Lithuanians who went to their country’s favorite country were horrified to see the traffic on the streets: renting and driving a car here is equivalent to suicide

If you want to fly, I thought about who I am to instruct you, but I think the real reason for that was not the heat of Egypt or the ancient wonders of that country. And not even Egyptian men who are always ready to fully serve Western women, and the cost of the trip, which I understand, was very attractive. It is no surprise that prices are falling in the summer, few people want to go where it is too hot, and the situation in Egypt is now such that the country’s tourism sector has dried up from the tourist drought.

I have once said that the bad times for Egyptian tourism have been going on for almost a decade. At first, those times broke down due to the Islamist coup in the country, later a plane with Russian tourists was blown up over the Sinai Peninsula, and Egypt lost Russian customers for a long time. After that, a coronavirus pandemic and finally Russia attacked Ukraine. After the latest incident, Egypt lost probably the largest number of tourists to Ukrainians and Russians. It may not be that they have lost at all, the representatives of both nations are still finding ways to come to Egypt, but their share is small. Egyptians are now trying to reorient themselves to German tourists. They say their numbers have risen as much as 35 percent this year compared to last year. Yes, the same Germans whose authorities humbly surrender to Putin and are the last to evade arms supplies to Ukraine. They will sell us when they are offered a reasonable price. And worst of all, that reasonable price can be very low. The Germans are hard to trust. I am angry at these things, so we will not talk about the Germans here. Let’s talk about Egypt.

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