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The comedy movie “Don’t Look Up” starring Leonardo and Jennifer Lawrence was released, but it was not satisfactory.As of press time, the freshness index of Rotten Tomatoes, which has a strong cast of “Don’t Look Up”, is only 59%, which has not reached the pass line, with 39 ratings, 23 fresh and 16 bad.


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The average media score of “Don’t Look Up” on M station is only 53 points, 8 positive reviews, 11 medium reviews and 2 negative reviews.

“Empire” magazine gave the film a score of 80, praising “Don’t Look Up” for grasping the pulse of contemporary life and discovering the madness, horror, and most importantly-interesting, creating a sharp, bold, and crowded A star-studded feast.

THR only gave a score of 30, indicating that the film is a cynical, unbearable, and pretentious satire.

“Don’t Look Up” will be launched on the theaters on December 10th, and on-line streaming on December 24th.


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