‘Little Nicolás’ arrested for using a false driving license issued by a ‘hacker’ who infiltrated the DGT

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Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, better known as ‘Little Nicholas’was arrested last Friday for using a false driving license for months that the well-known 19-year-old ‘hacker’ had provided him. José Luis Huertas, alias Alcasecas confirmed to EL MUNDO by judicial sources.

Gómez Iglesias, accused of a crime against road safety and for falsifying documents, was arrested by members of the Technological Research Group of the Provincial Brigade of Granada and the Cybercrime Section of the Judicial Police of Madridwhere he was called and where his rights were read to him.

According to the investigation, ‘Little Nicolás’ had been using the permit since last January, which would have been provided to him by Alcasec, who was already arrested last May for carrying out an intrusion on the website of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) from November 2021 to March 2022.

To do this, according to judicial sources, Huertas would have used two accreditations from the National Intelligence Center (CNI). According to the agents, Alcasec, famous since he entered the websites of Burger King, HBO y Bicimad (Madrid’s public bicycle service) to give away hamburgers and access codes, not only distributed among his friends cards issued by the DGT system itself, but also sold others through the social network Telegramat 3,000 euros per unit.

Consulted by this newspaper, Gomez Iglesias has confirmed the arrest, but has assured: “I don’t like driving, that license never even came to me and everyone who knows me knows that I never drive, I go to Uber. If the Police say that there are videos of me driving, let them prove it.” “. The agents provide, among other videos, one taken from social networks in which ‘Little Nicolás’ is sitting with other people in the driver’s seat, with his seat belt on.

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