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Be safe while biking! Recently, the host Xiao S said on the show that she once fell on a bicycle in the park and sprayed 4 teeth. When her mother knew about it, she asked Xiao S if she had been domestically abused and if she should talk to Xu Yajun.

Xiao S recently said in the talk show “Miss Bu Xidi” that she once rode a small zhe (folding bicycle) in Hebin Park. I licked my teeth and found that 3 or 4 teeth were broken. Xiao S said that she spent 300,000 yuan on braces, and the dentist thought her teeth were free from cavities and very white, which made her very proud. He called Baby first, and before helping me, he wanted to say, wait a minute, take a picture first.”

Xiao S took a photo with her husband. (Picture/Flipping Xiao S Xu Xidi’s Facebook page)

After being sent to the hospital, his mentor Wang Weizhong asked Xiao S, “Girl, tell Brother Weizhong, what happened? Did you fall like this?” Xiao S’s mother was also very worried, “Ting, tell your mother, what happened? What’s the matter, do you want me to talk to Mike (Xu Yajun)?” Xiao S replied dumbfounded, even her mother doubted her husband, what does it mean.

After the show was broadcast, netizens replied in the YouTube comment area, “Many people in mainland China really think it is domestic violence, I want to die laughing”, “Do you have any photos taken by Xu Yajun? Otherwise, they will think it is domestic violence”, “Me too I crashed when I turned a corner while riding Xiaozhe! My right hand was broken, my wrist was dislocated, and 2 teeth were broken, not to mention my face! After the crash, I felt like I was in a dream. When the police asked me, I thought I was sleepwalking. What happened? I don’t even remember it, and I slowly pieced together some memories after the fact. People who were sent to the hospital and saw the injuries didn’t believe that they just fell from a bicycle.”

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