Little shameless: Mazda named the date of the premiere of the new "treshka"


New Mazda 3 is likely to become the most attractive and technically sophisticated model of the modern C class. Today, the Japanese company has released a teaser for upcoming news and announced that it will declassify it at the end of the month. The exterior of the car will be built in the spirit of the Mazda Kai concept of last year and the design philosophy of Kodo – we have already managed to understand the exterior of the fourth generation "treshka", and it is gratifying that the teaser confirmed our hypotheses.

The car will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in two bodies simultaneously – a sedan and a five-door 5-door – and will mark the next update of the entire Mazda range. America was chosen as a debut country probably because treshka sold better here than in Europe: 75,018 and 43,794 pieces were sold in 2017, respectively, and ten years ago Mazda 3 sold over 120,000 copies in the United States. Now the US compact segment is experiencing a recession, as buyers are increasingly shifting from traditional cars to crossovers, yet it will be the Americans who first see the new "treshka".

There is no reliable information on the technical coverage of the Mazda, but a certain architecture of the new generation Skyactiv is announced. Most likely, the "treshka" will be the first to receive the 2.0-liter Skyactiv-X gasoline engine with HCCI (Omogeneous Charge Compression Ignition) technology announced last year, allowing work on super-lean mixtures at partial loads , whose ignition occurs simultaneously by candles and by compression. On the prototypes shown to the press a year ago, the engine had a geometric compression ratio of 15: 1, an injection pressure of 1000 bar and a mechanical Roots-type compressor driven by a crankshaft. It is reported that the use of diesel technology on a petrol engine provides up to 30% fuel savings compared to current Skyactiv-G units and a 30% increase in torque. Basically, we get a petrol engine with diesel efficiency, but without an expensive exhaust gas cleaning system (recirculation, urea injection), without which it is impossible to adapt to the current Euro 6d Temp environmental standards. But it is necessary to fix the Diesel particulate filter for the Skyactiv-X engine.

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New Mazda 3, render

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New Mazda 3, render

Mazda's complicated petrol engine with diesel habits may seem too complicated and capricious for many Mazda's Russian customers, and the Japanese company will certainly offer a new treshka with simpler and more familiar units, such as the "aspirated" 1.5-liter Skyactiv-G (120 liters). c.) and a 6-speed automatic transmission – this version represents the lion's share of the demand for Mazda 3 in our country (1,135 out of 1,315 units sold from January to September of this year). Current dealer prices for this and other "treshka" modifications of the outgoing generation can be found in our new car catalog.



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