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The blockade failed in the Alexandre-Dumas high school in Saint-Cloud

Our journalist Eric Nunes was this morning in Saint-Cloud, in the Hauts-de-Seine:

Red eyes of smoke, Jade can not believe it. On Thursday, around 9:30 am, the Alexandre-Dumas high school student, in Saint-Cloud, has just been released from the factory door. With a dozen masked comrades, many of whom wore a yellow gilet, he wanted to block the high school's access to his 1,500 students. Their requests: "End Parcoursup and high school reform"

At 8:30, first class time, "we were nine in front of the gates to prevent the passage "says the young woman. A bit of garbage cans and street furniture like a thin barricade are enough to create a huge group in front of the school. but "They were only 10 or 15" block, says a high school student, "a handful of fanatics", confirms Hélène Mathieu, dean of the establishment.

After several tens of minutes of tension, the situation deteriorates. While high school students joined their classes, many remained opportunists. The bullets are thrown at the security forces sent to the scene and fires are fired a few meters from the nearby Verhaeren College. At about 9:30, about twenty policemen load and flatten the sidewalk that marks the entrance to the school.

The gas is used to disperse the opportunists, delighted by this morning of overflowing. Near the entrance, teachers give the slogan: "Courses are canceled". "Too good!" They exclaimed two high school students, who like dozens of others, filming and broadcasting on the networks scenes of disorder that are growing around the structure that includes among its former students, Marine Le Pen. But at 11 o'clock, lessons are finally maintained and students call by e-mail and text message to join their class. The recreation ends.

Start of the event in Marseille

Demonstration in Marseille (Gérard Julien / AFP)

Our correspondent in Marseille Luc Leroux follows the beginning of the event:

In Marseille, the event starts from the station of Saint-Charles, under the supervision of teachers who try to establish an order service to channel the demonstrators who gallop. Coming from 85 high schools in Marseille, young people are demanding the resignation of Macron.

Matthew, a student of Saint-Exupéry High School in the northern suburbs, reports that the blockade of their school was removed, not by the police but by drug traffickers from the city of Campagne-Lévêque. "They came with paintballs and shot students because they were hindering their business", Reports Mireille Lando, a teacher of Saint-Exupéry.

In the picture: demonstration of high school students in Bordeaux

High school students demonstrate against the government reform plan in Bordeaux on 6 December (Regis Duvignau / Reuters).

Will the meeting in Paris take place?

According to our journalist Henri Seckel, a demonstration was called for the 11th of Piazza della Repubblica. But obviously there is not the big world.

FCP Paris "warns against anonymous calls to high school block"

In a statement released late in the morning, FCPE of Paris, federation of student parents, called "High school students prefer other modes of action than blocks that create situations that can be violent and dangerous".

The federation affirms it "Calls circulate on social networks and e-mail systems without mentioning the people or organizations that are the initiators of the call, or the slogans or the statements clearly expressed on their motivation".

In Toulouse, the Rive-Gauche high school is blocked

Our journalist Raphaëlle Rérolle is in Toulouse to follow the high school movement:

In Orleans, calm reigns after the accidents of these last days

Our journalist Violaine Morin is currently in Orleans, where a 16-year-old high school student was wounded on Wednesday with a defensive projectile launcher (LBD):

In front of the high schools of the center of Orleans, calm hits after the accidents of the last days. Traces of two-day trash can still be seen in front of the Franklin High School Grids, which are home to 1,700 students per second at the Senior Technician Certificate (BTS).

Students have not been instructed to stay at home and lessons are insured, but "We told parents that we understand that they keep their children at home", a teacher reports. As a result, only 30% of high school students are present this morning, according to the principal. At Pothier High School, next door, there were also 200 absent this morning. "No doubt some have preferred to stay at home given the tensions of the last days", The principal moves forward.

Hi Alex,

You can find our article published in February on the occasion of the presentation, in the Council of Ministers, of the reform of the baccalaureate in which we evoke the content and the fears that this text raises.

Several young people arrested in Cachan

Our journalist Louise Couvelaire is in Cachan, Val-de-Marne, to follow the high school student movement:

Firecrackers, mortar fire … the situation is tense at the high school of Cachan, in the valley of the Marne. CRS are present in numbers on both sides of the plant.

Several young people have been arrested. They are interrogated in a police van, while another 150 are stamping on the other side of the street. This morning, some high school students and "a lot of hammers who are not from the factory", an observer said, wanted to block the establishment – which had been blocked for the first time Tuesday, violence had also erupted – and clashed with the police.

The situation tends to Raincy

Our journalist Isabelle Rey-Lefebvre is currently in Raincy, in Seine-Saint-Denis:

And in the universities?

From this Thursday, December 6, the campus is "reopened", according to the establishment, with the maintenance of the lessons in the amphitheater but the cancellation of the lessons of exercises "for safety reasons and following the degradation of a fire door". This is another university site, the center of the Sorbonne, which was closed this morning, at the decision of the Rector of Paris, following the arrival of dozens of students mobilized at the entrance to the historic site . TD and courses are canceled, said the Paris I University. The center of Censier (University Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle), blocked by Tuesday evening, is reopened for a few hours, according to the Twitter account "The city of Censier ", while a new general meeting is scheduled for 11 hours.

In Nantes, a part of the Tertre campus (letters and humanities and social sciences) was blocked this morning by several dozen students, confirms the University of Nantes in world. A general assembly was announced by the students for this morning.

"Nobody wants me to go wrong"

Our journalist Louise Couvelaire is in Sceaux, in the Haut-de-Seine, to follow the high school student movement:

About fifteen students arrived in front of the closed doors of the main entrance of the Lycée Lakanal (92) "too hectic" to the taste of a high school girl who participates in the block. Walking the street, the few "Shaken" I tried to block a motorist after he touched the side of a bus that went up the road.

Other students, on the initiative of the block, quickly redirected them to the sidewalk. "We do not want to burn anything"says Aurélien, 17 years old. "Nobody wants to make mistakes, he could discredit us", a girl abounds. At the other entrance, deserted, three policemen prevent them from blocking. "Unlike other high schools, it's a shit here"breathes a disappointed high school student. "We are not violent, we just want to act and we are prevented"He adds.

First estimates of the mobilization of high schools

Here are the first estimates of the blocks of high schools obtained by our journalist Mattea Battaglia:

– On the whole territory, at 10 o'clock, the Ministry of Education reports about 150 institutions in difficulty, which seems to correspond to a level of mobilization approximately equivalent to that of yesterday;

– In Paris, at 10 o'clock, a dozen high schools are reported as disturbedIn most cases, filter dams and complete blocks have been established. For the moment, there are no accidents;

– At Versailles, 22 high schools are disturbed and ten are blocked ;

– in Aix-Marseilles, where violence was concentrated for three days, five institutions were closed in advance to avoid overflowing. Three complete blocks are however reported in Bouches-du-Rhôneand 17 partial, sometimes with incidents related to the raid of hooded people, says a Ministry of Education;

– In Normandy, in Rouen, nine high schools are experiencing unrest ;

– in Créteil, three lycées totally blocked for the moment, 9 with filter blocksa dozen hit by perturbations on the public street;

– in Montpellier, at 9 o'clock, 29 establishments were disturbed by assemblies around or blocking attempts. Only one establishment totally blocked, two partially;

– in Poitou-Charentes, the mobilization had been centered for a few days on La Rochelle; seems to spread because six institutions, at various levels, are affected by partial blocks.

Start of mobilization in Raincy

Our journalist Isabelle Rey-Lefebvre is currently in Raincy, in Seine-Saint-Denis:

A group of about thirty high school students blocked the school Albert-Schweitzer Raincy (Seine-Saint-Denis) burning a garbage in front of the door, around 8:30, requesting the intervention of firefighters, unusual for this high school in a wealthy city. The high school is closed for the morning.

In Marseille, the tension rises by a notch in front of the Périer high school

Our correspondent in Marseille Luc Leroux is currently in front of the Périer secondary school to follow the student movement:

Firecrackers and garbage lights in front of the Lycée Périer in Marseilles, where tension increases by one step after the establishment of a good child block. Scarves and masks hide faces. "There are some that go from the block to the block, the students call them the" déscos ", that is, outside the school"says Valérie Clary, history-geo teacher. Some talk about small groups coming from nearby professional high schools.

"The scenario is repeated every day: the external elements give fire and, the teacher continues, the police arrive and charge very quickly with tear gas and flash ball.I am surprised by the speed of the police response".

"And do you want them to do what ?!", interrupts a very angry student for these accidents "who discredit our movement, it is not by burning the bins that we will be heard". The principal opened a small door for half to allow the students to take refuge inside the school.

At Sceaux, "let's not let anyone in"

Our journalist Louise Couvelaire is currently in Sceaux in the Hauts-de-Seine to follow the high school movement:

Students who have classes at 9am will arrive at Lakanal High School (92). The block intensifies. The motto: "We do not let anyone in!" In addition to prepas and university students.

Other garbage cans were added to the doors, high school students went to pick them up in the nearby town of Bourg-la-Reine. "It does not happensays Brice, 17, a high school student. Collégien, you pass, yes. " "Oh, I can not lock myself against the little Macron of the rich!, regrets a 13 year old boy. Brice, in the ES terminal, is mobilizing for the 2021 tray, "for our little brothers"and a lot for yellow jackets: "I do not have my place with them, but I have it here."

The atmosphere is calm, two policemen reminded them that they did not have the right to prohibit access to high school students. "You have the right to come back! throws a policeman to the crowd massed in front of the door. It's your right! "

"Look at him, he has a scooter … Now a full one is 12 euros, whereas before it was six euros"

Our correspondent in Marseille Luc Leroux is currently in front of the Périer secondary school to follow the student movement:

Léo, 17, a student of the S-Terminal at the Périer High School, is among those who have been appointed to explain the requests to the inhabitants. Practice:

In France, it is freedom, equality, fraternity. We exercise our freedom of demonstration to defend equal access to universities. This is why we are in solidarity with professional high schools whose requests are included in our platform. And fraternity is with other high schools, with our brothers and sisters, so that everyone can spend a ferry in better conditions. We manifest ourselves for these beliefs.

Antoine, 17, a student of the ES terminal claims the removal of Parcoursup.

We have seen, even with an average of 13, being on the waiting list at the university. Even with a kiss with honors, if you're not under for a private school, you have nothing.

In the small group, support is given to "yellow jackets". : "Look at him, he has a scooter … Now a full one is 12 euros while before it was 6 euros." According to them, the government's proposals will not succeed in defusing the crisis: "It will go on the ball, I'm sorry, I live." Although Emile, 17, in the S-terminal promises to register on the electoral roll by the end of the month "vote Hamon", the others are on a "political parties, we think it's all the same". At 10 am everyone will join the event that will go from the school of Saint-Charles to the old port. Except those that will be responsible for maintaining the block.

Hi Ben,

According to the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, at the end of the Parcoursup procedure, 94.4% of the candidates had obtained a proposal on 21 September "any combined phase ". In other words, taking into consideration both the main stage of Parcoursup (from May 22nd to September) and the complementary phase (from 26 June to 21 September). This percentage is "equivalent to the one observed in the PDB last year ", points out the authors of the report (in fact, 94.5%).

More specifically, 79% of the candidates accepted a proposal. 15.5% of graduates preferred to resign from the procedure when they obtained a proposal (no comparison possible with the previous year). Therefore, despite the highest number of graduates who received a proposal this year (+ 8%), they have not always convinced them since almost 24% of them have resigned despite a positive proposal received. In total, 2.3% of the candidates resigned when they had nothing, compared to only 0.9% in 2017.

If you want to know more, find our article on the topic:

"Put" Manu you're screwed, the young man is on the street "It always works"

Our correspondent in Marseille Luc Leroux is currently in front of the Périer secondary school to follow the student movement:

"There are some there!" The day is not over and strange shapes push the garbage cans full of boards and signs. The high school students of Périer, an establishment of the 8th arrondissement of Marseille, a "upper middle school" as a student said, got up early to set up the blockade: "Every day we have to go a little bit" farther to find the garbage, because the principal blocks them at night inside the school ".

On the social networks, the appointment was given at 6:45 am. The bins accumulate in front of the doors of this structure of 1 400 students and students in BTS. "What is he writing?" asks a girl, sprays the paint in her hand in front of a table recovered in the street. "You just put Manu in the head, the young man is on the street, he still works". Others attack white sheets on the front of the school where they wrote "Increase our scholarships!"

Ondine is busy around the barricade. He comes from Diderot in the northern districts because, like many of the 85 schools in Marseille, his high school has chosen to close as a result of accidents. "There are some who get on the buses, which give fire", Explain. A local resident who accompanies his two children approaches the group occupied to prepare the blockade. Mumbles against the garbage assault in the neighborhood. "We will give them your trash!"Ondine answered gently. The word order is: "Above all no accidents." At eight o'clock the Perier bell rings in the void.

In Sceaux, a hundred high school students participate in the block

Our journalist Louise Couvelaire is currently in Sceaux in the Hauts-de-Seine to follow the high school movement:

"No music, no studies!"high school students sang in the school town Lakanal, Sceaux (Hauts-de-Seine). In front of the main gate of this establishment "pretty bourgeois" as they describe it, there are a hundred to participate in the block, under a banner where it is written: "No to the selection, no to Parcoursup, no to the abolition of 2,600 teaching posts!".

A group of about 20 high school students went to install the trash cans at the three entrances in the middle of the night, at 3:30 am, partly moved by the police two hours later, before the participants started again. "He must be rich little to pay for college now, complaint Elaura, 17, a young jacket around his neck. Me, my parents will pay me the expenses, but the others! ".

"We are angry students!", launches the seventeen Aurélien in ES at Lakanal High School in Sceaux (92). Parcoursup, supremes of teaching posts, increase in tuition fees for foreign students … "We are also united to the yellow jackets", adds Lucas, 17, who wears one and says it is "for a better distribution of the movement". "Reforms, decisions … Nobody talks to us about anything, does not explain anything to us in high school"adds Aurélien, who says he does not want to "nothing to burn, just block". "We have not always been in high school, we know what it is, we are united"Inès says, 16.

In Saint-Jean-de-Braye, where a high school student was injured by a defensive bullet

Our journalist Violaine Morin is currently in front of the Jacques-Monod high school in Saint-Jean-de-Braye, in the suburbs of Orléans, where a young 16-year-old student was wounded on Wednesday by a shotgun (LBD). The Public Prosecutor of Orleans seized the General Police Inspectorate (IGPN) on Wednesday as part of an investigation initiated after this incident.

Thursday morning is flat calm in high school. Students were asked not to come today, but the teacher team is there. "The few students who come are welcomed and the courses insured, even the interns there are", said the accounting officer. Only two or three students are waiting to enter for the moment.

For Jean-Michel Blanquer, the incentives to demonstrate are "an incentive to run a serious danger"

The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, warned on Wednesday evening the incentives to demonstrate for high school students, saying that they are "an incentive to take a serious risk". The minister defended the school education budget in the Senate when he was challenged by Senator Céline Brulin (majority CRCE communist) on the protest movement in high school.

"It would be nice to give this mobilization all the attention it deserves", said the senator, noticing him "many teacher unions now join mobilizations". "The current circumstances in our country mean that violence is invading debates and making sure our high school students are involved in dangerous situations"Mr. Blanquer answered.

"All the incentives to prove it, and unfortunately the senator has done a little, all the incentives to prove are in fact an incitement to take a serious danger, given the circumstances we have witnessed in the last days". with a certain solemnity, because the next days are really disturbing. "

In Paris, the mobilization begins in several high schools in the north of the capital

Our journalist Henri Seckel is currently in Paris, where high school students start to block high school. In the capital there is a meeting of the Republic, from which the students of the Parisian high schools have planned to march up to the Bastille from noon.

Hello and welcome you all in this direct dedicated to my mobilization in high schools at the request of two high school students, SGL and FIDL. They protest in particular against the reform of the baccalaureate, in the wake of "yellow jackets".

Feel free to send us your questions or comments during the day.


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