Live Blizzcon 2021 with us!

Gamer News will officially broadcast Blizzconline 2021 with full coverage.

There is almost a month to go until Blizzcon 2021 Online arrives. This year will be different, as it will be broadcast in its entirety online. Gamer News for the second consecutive year will broadcast Blizzcon to all viewers of the Hispanic Twitch community with special coverage where collaborators from all areas of Blizzard will tell us in real time all the news from the main panels.

The broadcast of the «Blizzconline» that can be followed through the Official Gamer News Twitch, will have stellar collaborators. Who will be with us has already been anticipated by the video presentation, and among them are Champe, Pjanoo (Ex Esports Program Manager of Blizzard Ent), Zullhammer, Alcarauir, Charleh, H3ndall, and many more …

If you want to know more about speculation, data, theories and other things, don’t forget to tune in to NGNow. Every Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (Madrid) on the Official Gamer News Twitch.


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