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LIVE – Coronavirus: manufacturing activity in free fall in the euro zone

Posted on Apr 1, 2020, 7:18 a.m.Updated on Apr 1, 2020 11:55 a.m.

France continues, this Wednesday, to evacuate patients to relieve the most saturated regions with, for the first time since Ile-de-France, two medical TGVs which will join Brittany. The country has crossed upwards the 3,500 Covid-19 dead mark, now exceeding the official toll in China. Among the victims of the coronavirus is Pape Diouf, the former emblematic president of Olympique de Marseille, who died on Tuesday in Dakar.

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, is interviewed this Wednesday at the end of the day in the National Assembly by the fact-finding mission, in order to draw up an inventory of the “impact, management and consequences” of the Covid-19 epidemic. Gérald Darmanin, Minister of Action and Public Accounts, announced the one-week delay in the tax return. Those who declare on paper will also be entitled to “an additional month”.

The main information to remember

> The epidemic caused 3,523 deaths (+499) in France. 52,128 cases have been confirmed.

> The government gives French people more time for their tax return.

> The United States expects “painful” days fearing that the death toll on its territory will exceed 100,000 deaths in the coming months.

Follow the events of this Wednesday April 1 live

> Patients from Ile-de-France evacuated in Brittany

The first medicalized TGV carrying 24 Covid-19 patients left shortly after 11 am from the Austerlitz station in Paris, bound for Saint-Brieuc and Brest, according to the Directorate General for Health. A second TGV is to follow, direction Rennes, with 12 other patients on board.

It is the first evacuation of coronavirus patients of this scale in Ile-de-France, where the capacities in the intensive care units are reaching saturation point. The 36 patients were in intensive care in ten public and private hospitals in the Ile-de-France region. On board the trains, the sick are looked after by nine medical teams, each made up of a doctor, an intern, a nurse anesthetist and three nurses.

> More than 2,000 patients in Ile-de-France resuscitation services

On March 31, according to our information, the number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care surpassed the 2,000 threshold in Ile-de-France, with 221 additional patients intubated and ventilated in twenty-four hours. This threshold is precisely the objective of increasing capacities that the Regional Health Agency (ARS) set itself at the start of the crisis, starting from 1,200 beds – all the same more than a fifth of the national capacity.

Martin Hirsch, head of the AP-HP, welcomed the authorities’ decision to carry out 36 new evacuations of patients from Ile-de-France to other regions on Wednesday. “We call on the resuscitation nurses to come and save the sick. The state must requisition nurses today, ”begs for his part an overwhelmed hospital practitioner.

> Risk of “food shortage” on the world market

“Uncertainties about availability of food can trigger a wave of export restrictions”, itself causing “a shortage in the world market”, Qu Dongyu, who heads the United Nations, said in a rare joint statement Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Roberto Azevedo, Director of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

For the three UN organizations, it is therefore “important” to ensure trade, “in particular to avoid food shortages,” says their joint text. They are worried in particular about the “slowdown in the circulation of workers in the agricultural and food industry” who are blocking many western farms, and “delays at the borders for containers” of goods which lead to a “mess of perishable products and a increased food waste ”.

> Manufacturing activity in Europe at its lowest since mid-2012

Manufacturing activity in the euro area fell in March as a result of severe supply chain disruptions related to coronavirus prevention measures, and this movement is expected to continue in the coming months, show final results from IHS Markit’s monthly survey. The manufacturing PMI fell to 44.5 from 44.8 in the first estimate and after 49.2 in February. This is the lowest figure recorded since mid-2012, during the eurozone debt crisis.

The activity of the French manufacturing sector knew in March its strongest fall for seven years, reports the law firm IHS Markit. The PMI purchasing managers index, which measures the sector’s overall performance based on data collected from a panel of 400 companies operating in France, fell to 43.2, compared to 49.8 in February, according to a statement.

Activity fell in all sectors, and in particular in capital goods and intermediate goods. The production recorded its sharpest contraction since March 2009, details the cabinet, due to a “collapse” of new orders at the end of the first quarter, and because “many factories (have) had to close for a period unknown due to the spread of the epidemic. “

> Containment extended until April 13 in Italy

The Italians will still stay at home for almost two weeks, after already three weeks of confinement. “We must not take the first positive signals as an end of alert signal. The figures show that we are on the right track and that the drastic decisions (that we have taken) are bearing fruit, “confirmed Minister of Health Roberto Speranza in the Italian Senate. Before adding: “The battle (against this epidemic) will still be long. “

Official reports released this week suggest a slowdown in the number of new cases of contamination recorded each day, which stood at 4,053 in the data released on Tuesday. The number of deaths attributed to the new coronavirus has remained relatively stable, at over 800 per day.

> Containment: new increase in the number of PVs distributed in France

Some 5.8 million checks have been carried out and 359,000 reports drawn up by the police in France since the introduction of compulsory confinement on March 17 in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Christophe Castaner said on Wednesday.

Approaching the start of the Easter holidays for zone C, the first concerned, the Minister of the Interior also warned that there would be no derogation from the drastic limitation of travel, which has been extended two weeks until April 15, and he announced tightened controls.

> Coronavirus toll increases in Europe

The new coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 30,000 people in Europe (for 458,601 cases), according to a new assessment drawn up from official sources. Italy (12,428 deaths) is the most affected European country, followed by Spain (8,189) and France (3,523).

> The Japanese auto market has a cold

A total of 374,955 cars, trucks and buses of Japanese brands (excluding “kei cars”, mini-cars with a motorization of 660 cc or less) were sold last month in the archipelago, a drop of 10, 2% over one year.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic got involved, car sales were already at half mast in Japan, suffering the impact of an increase in VAT in the country since last October. Sales in the sector fell 11.1% in January and 10.7% in February.

> European stock markets open in the red

At the opening, the stock markets were in sharp decline. The Paris Stock Exchange lost 3.10% to 4,259.94 points. The Dax was also down 3%, as was the Footsie in London. Investors are worried about the economic consequences of the coronavirus, as the health crisis worsens, especially in the United States.

> The ECB prepares people to keep rates low

The European Central Bank (ECB) will have to keep interest rates very low because of the low inflation already noted in March with the coronavirus pandemic, said Wednesday the Governor of the Banque de France, François Villeroy de Galhau.

He also judged that if Europe “can do more, on collective loans, coronabonds, whatever the mechanism, that’s fine”, but that “the mobilization in progress has been much stronger, much more faster than in 2008 “.

> Italy is heading for a severe recession

It is realistic to estimate the contraction of Italy’s gross domestic product (GDP) at 6% in 2020, said Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri on Wednesday in an interview with the daily Il Fatto Quotidiano.

According to Confindustria, the General Confederation of Italian Industry, the coronavirus epidemic could lead to a 6% drop in Italian GDP in 2020 before a 3.2% rebound in 2021.

> Stock exchange: new dark session in Tokyo

Party on bad bases Wednesday, the Tokyo Stock Exchange further widened its losses significantly at the end of the session, its third consecutive in the red, against a background of fears still extremely keen around the coronavirus pandemic.

The star index Nikkei finished on a fall of 4.5% to 18,065.41 points, while the broad Topix index dropped 3.7% to 1,351.08 points.

> Fujifilm launches clinical study on its influenza

The Japanese group has started a clinical trial to test the effectiveness of its influenza drug Avigan (favipiravir) to treat patients with the new coronavirus, after encouraging results from other studies conducted in China on this product.

“The trial will be conducted on 100 patients by the end of June” in Tokyo, said on Wednesday a spokesman for Fujifilm, known to the general public for its office automation and photography products, but which is also present in the medical sector. .

> EHPAD Orpéa: out of 80,000 residents, 0.5% of cases tested positive for Covid-19

Alerted by their Chinese establishment, the Orpea group, one of the European leaders in nursing homes, very quickly took stock of the crisis. His retirement homes in France are still relatively unaffected by the coronavirus epidemic at this stage. And everything is done to minimize the risks, explains its manager.

> The balance sheet in Germany is increasing

The coronavirus pandemic has now infected 67,366 people and caused 732 deaths in Germany, according to data published by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases.

This represents 5,453 cases of contamination and 149 additional deaths in one day, according to the RKI report.

> China reports 1,367 asymptomatic cases

For the first time, Chinese health authorities have reported the number of patients infected with the coronavirus showing no symptoms of Covid-19, following instructions from the government to dispel fears about possible hidden cases in mainland China.

Until now, the number of asymptomatic cases of the coronavirus was listed but kept confidential. The National Health Commission made no mention of it in the daily report.

> Edouard Philippe and Olivier Véran auditioned at the Assembly

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health will be heard this Wednesday at the end of the afternoon in the National Assembly by the fact-finding mission, to talk about the “impact, management and consequences” of the epidemic. The hearing will take place by videoconference and will be broadcast on the website of the National Assembly. The purpose of the hearing by this mission is to check the measures taken by the government every week.

> The ecological transition could contribute to emerging from the crisis

What if it was an opportunity to start on a new basis? According to a study by the I4CE research center, after the epidemic in France, it will be time to invest massively in ecological transition and climate commitments. Experts recommend the implementation of an action plan of 7 billion euros per year mainly funded by the state (4.3 billion) and local communities (2.1 billion) which would, according to them , to set in motion 18 billion annual public and private investment until 2023.

> Free fall in the French auto market in March

The French car market fell 72.2% in March, victim of the coronavirus epidemic and measures of containment of the population which stopped the car trade, according to data published by the manufacturers.

In this extraordinary context, the French groups were affected like the rest of the market. PSA (Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel) saw its registrations of new passenger cars plummet (-73.4%), as did the Renault group (-71.6%), with Dacia and Alpine, according to the figures of the Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers (CCFA).

> Cuba suspends the arrival of international flights

Cuba has announced the suspension of all international flights to the island and has asked foreign vessels to withdraw from Cuban waters, measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Cuban authorities partially closed the country’s borders last week, preventing the arrival of foreign tourists and the departure of Cuban nationals.

Cuba reported three weeks ago of its first confirmed cases of contamination. The latest assessment reports 186 infected patients.

> Loss of taste and smell key symptoms of Covid-19

Losing taste and smell may be the best way to determine if you have Covid-19, according to a study based on data collected through a symptom tracking application developed by British scientists.

Nearly 60% of patients who have subsequently been screened for coronavirus reported having lost their sense of smell and taste, show data analyzed by researchers at King’s College, London.


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