Live killings and bodies turned to ashes: Israel reveals images of the Hamas massacre

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Live massacres, rivers of blood, dozens of charred bodies and a decapitated soldier appear in a compilation of audiovisual material, much of it unpublished, which The Israeli Army showed this Monday to the media with the aim of publicizing the horror of the massacre committed by Hamas in Israel on October 7 and prove “crimes against humanity.”

More than a hundred journalists from foreign media – including EFE – were summoned to a military base north of Tel Aviv for the viewing of that 43 minute and 44 second footagewhich compiles images captured by the GoPro cameras that the Hamas members carried, security from the massacred kibbutz, road video surveillance, and videos recorded with their cell phones by victims, soldiers, and medical services personnel.

“What you see in the images are crimes against humanity,” the Israeli Army spokesman, Admiral, warned before the viewing. Daniel Hagari. “They show that Hamas terrorists entered Israel with the sole purpose of killing civilians,” he stressed.

One of the hardest scenes to digest, and that caused quite a stir among reporters In the living room, it was the one that shows how a father with his two children, about 12 and 10 years old, just woken up and still in their underwear, go out to take refuge in the bunker in the courtyard of their house in one of the closest kibbutz. to the Gaza Strip, when they hear gunshots and explosions.

Two heavily armed Hamas members see them enter and throw a grenade into the bunker. The father acts as a human shield to protect his children. They come out crying, a Hamas man takes them inside the house and offers them water and Coca-Cola from their own refrigerator, while the children, in a state of shock, cry and scream.

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