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Yesterday, the broadcast “Live summer life”Which is broadcast on Rai 1 in the afternoon every day from Monday to Friday and which is conducted by Andrea Delogu and Marcello Masi, had as a guest in connection interviewed by the correspondent Rosanna Cacio, Albano.

The two were in Rimini to sponsor a series of events that Albano it is promoting to try to restart tourism after the covid.

Albano makes a gesture he shouldn’t have made and Rosanna Cacio abruptly leaves

Rosanna Cacio was in Rimini to interview Albano who was in the company of Giovanni Terzi, future husband of Simona Ventura.

Giovanni Terzi and Albano they are promoting a series of initiatives to restart tourism in Emilia Romagna which, hit by covid like the rest of Italy, has suffered an abrupt stop in tourism.

The two also joked a lot together and then Giovanni Terzi was keen to clarify that Albano “He was my mother’s favorite artist. In the family there was a great affection for him, which was therefore passed on to me ”.

Then videos of Albano as a young man and the singer of Cellino San Marco he said jokingly and making fun of himself: “I was shocking beauty, I never noticed it”.

Rosanna Cacio, Albano and Giovanni Terzi they were at a safe distance to respect the anticovid rules but then AlbanoIn her spontaneity and involved in the topics they were dealing with, at one point she got too close to the interviewer and touched her arm. Rosanna Cacio out of respect for the rules, she abruptly moved away and then the situation returned to normal.

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Albano, Jasmine and her family in Cellino

These days we talk about nothing but the entry of Jasmine, the daughter who Albano had from Loredana Lecciso in addition to Bido in the entertainment world. The girl pretended to get there to cross the world of music without asking for help from her parents who, famous, could have helped her in some way. The girl, on the other hand, did not even use her father’s surname but made herself known only how Jasmine. His first song “Ego”Liked it so much it has already reached 200,000 views. The parents, Albano and Loredana Lecciso they said they were very proud of the now 19 year old girl.

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