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In the Netherlands, 356 people have now died from the disease. The virus has been detected in 6412 people. View the map of the Netherlands here.

The main points:

  • The Hague market opens again
  • General practitioners: “Actual number of corona deaths is higher”
  • Germany is taking over dozens of Italian corona patients
  • Noordwijk will lift measures at the beach this weekend
  • Italian face of fight against corona tested negative
  • Afghanistan releases 10,000 prisoners
  • Maastricht UMC + places 250 beds in the conference center
  • Mortality rate of corona patients in Italy is rising again slightly
  • Two Brabant coronakuchers sentenced to jail
  • Safety consultation: group ban not only in specific places
  • More than 10,000 corona cases in Switzerland
  • China now also bans foreigners with visas or residence permits
  • Switzerland checks phones to check compliance with restrictions
  • Government of Israel takes refuge in nuclear bunker
  • Fireworks industry donates nearly a quarter of a million glasses for doctors
  • Yet a significant increase in the number of infections in Lombardy
  • RIVM: death toll due to coronavirus in our country has risen to 434
  • Special train transports patients to Western France
  • World Health Organization sees encouraging signs in Italy
  • Number of corona deaths in Belgium rises to 220
  • Spain reports 655 corona deaths in 24 hours
  • Hospitals in Brabant expect to be able to handle peak
  • App for symptoms corona available in more cities
  • Russia bans all civil aviation because of corona
  • During the corona crisis, people are not evicted from their homes.
  • Iran fears second wave of corona infections
  • Nearly 70,000 corona infections in the US, more than 1,000 deaths
  • Spaniards pelt ambulances containing corona patients
  • 20,000 former healthcare workers report to fight
  • More than 60,000 infections in the US
  • Virus barely mutates
  • Police call on students in Amstelveen to stop partying
  • “The intensive care unit is currently creaking”


  • NS flexible for cardholders and seniors
  • Advice for web shops: more time to return
  • PostNL warns about delayed parcels

From the sports world:

  • Top athletes see their pension change: “A huge impact”
  • Frank de Boer in the US: “The worst is yet to come”

From the entertainment world:

  • Charles infected: panic on Queen’s palace

Number of corona patients in intensive care to 761

The number of patients with the coronavirus in the intensive care (IC) departments of Dutch hospitals has risen to 761, according to the latest figures from the Dutch Association for Intensive Care (NIVC).

The NIVC reports that the number of available beds on the ICs is now “small”. On Monday she spoke of ‘sufficient’ capacity.

The number of places available is very important for people with Covid-19 who are in bad shape. They are often put on ventilation for two to three weeks.

The ic capacity is normally about 1150 beds. Currently, that number is expanding everywhere. Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) announced earlier on Thursday that the number will be expanded to about 1600 next week, of which two thirds is intended to treat the increasing number of seriously ill corona patients.

Germany is taking over dozens of Italian corona patients

German hospitals are taking over at least 47 patients with the coronavirus from Italy. “We support our Italian friends. We can only do this together ”, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in a short statement.

Italy has been hit hard by the pandemic. The country has reported over 8,200 deaths, the highest in the world. More than two hundred patients with the coronavirus have died in Germany.

Earlier this week, a group of six Italian patients had already arrived in Saxony. Another ten Italian patients are expected to be cared for in the coming days in North Rhine-Westphalia, which borders the Netherlands.

Government of Israel involves nuclear bunker to fight coronavirus

The Israeli government resorts to an nuclear bunker in the fight against the corona virus. The bunker was built ten years ago to provide protection against possible attacks with nuclear weapons and missiles.

Strategically located in the hills around Jerusalem, the structure will function as the national coordination center for the fight against the virus. The complex is accessible via a tunnel from the government building and is also easily accessible from Tel Aviv. In addition to a number of living areas, the bunker also has workspaces for the government.

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz previously joked in an interview with a radio station that the bunker is irrelevant. “It protects against bombs, but not against microbes,” said Steinitz.

An anonymous government spokesperson tried to downplay the measure and allay fears by stating that there is no danger of attacking Israel. The bunker, he said, is “simply one of the government workplaces necessary for the control, surveillance and control of the corona virus.”

In Israel, 2,666 people have been infected with the virus to date and eight people have died from it.

Mortality rate of corona patients in Italy is rising again slightly

In Italy, more than 710 people died in 24 hours from the consequences of the new corona virus. The number of deaths rose again after a few days of decline. The number of new deaths was on Wednesday at 683.

The southern European country already has more than 8,200 deaths due to the virus originating in China that causes serious lung diseases.

The increase in the number of infections was the highest in five days on Thursday. More than 940 new cases were added. The virus continues to spread in three northern regions in particular, where a severe lockdown has been declared.

Safety consultation: group ban not only in specific places

The Security Council, which consists of the chairmen of the 25 security regions, wants to declare the prohibition of group formation applicable in all security regions. Initially, the ban only applied to specific places.

On Monday it was announced that in some regions, for example, the parks would only be enforced, but now the rule applies everywhere. The presidents of the regions still have to formally introduce the ban regionally.

According to a spokesperson, groups of three are not fined, as previously reported. “That is based on a misunderstanding. Provided they adhere to a meter and a half, there is nothing to worry about. The distance remains leading, “said a spokeswoman.

There is a group of three or more people. This means that when people come together in public space, they must keep a distance of one and a half meters from each other. Households and children under the age of 12, accompanied by an adult, are an exception.

The Security Council emphasizes that the measures are well picked up by the population.

Switzerland checks phones to check compliance with restrictions

Switzerland checks the mobile phones of its citizens to see if they comply with the restrictions on gathering. The government has requested telephone data from the national provider Swisscom.

It concerns data of 24 hours old. The data is anonymous, so it is not possible to see who has been where, says the Bundesamt für Gesundheit, the Swiss version of RIVM. “Do people obey the restrictions? Are they out with fewer people? Are there places where larger groups come together? We wanted to check this ”, says the government agency. Due to the corona virus, it is forbidden in Switzerland to meet with more than five people at the same time.

In South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, governments check the smartphone data of corona patients. This allows them to see who has been close to them. Those people may also have become infected without even knowing it themselves.

Number of European corona cases now above a quarter of a million

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Europe rose to more than 250,000 on Thursday. More than half of those cases are in Italy (74,000) and Spain (56,000), according to figures from the World Health Organization WHO.

Europe is the region with the highest number of cases worldwide: 258,000. The death toll in Europe stands at 14,640. Here, too, Italy and Spain are the most affected countries. Asia is the hardest hit after Europe. There, 101,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus and more than 3,600 people have died.

Worldwide, the number of infections is just over 481,000 and 21,800 deaths in 182 countries. However, the WHO believes that the actual numbers are higher because in many countries only people with serious complaints are tested.

Fireworks industry donates nearly a quarter of a million glasses for doctors

The fireworks industry has donated more than 235,000 safety glasses to healthcare institutions and hospitals. The glasses are needed to protect doctors and nurses. They can become infected with the coronavirus through the eyes.

The fundraising campaign was set up by the trade association of fireworks importers, the Dutch Association of Pyrotechnics (BPN) and fireworks sellers affiliated with the Fireworks Check Foundation.

Number of infections in Lombardy is rising again

The number of infections detected in the Italian region of Lombardy, severely affected by the coronavirus, has risen sharply again, with 2500 patients in 24 hours. The region’s governor, Attilio Fontana, said this is “not good news.” This is a stronger increase than in recent days, Fontana said. About 1,640 cases were added on Wednesday.

Lombardy, with the financial capital of the country of Milan, is considered to be the epicenter of the spread of the virus in Italy. In this region, 4,860 patients have succumbed to the virus. The southern European country has already recorded 74,000 infections and nearly 8,000 deaths. More than 32,000 cases of infection have been identified in Lombardy.

Spain reports 655 corona deaths

The number of coronavirus deaths in Spain has risen to over 4,000. The Department of Health reported 655 new deaths on Thursday, bringing the total to 4,089.

Fewer people succumbed in the past 24 hours than in the previous period. In Spain, 56,188 infections have been detected. That was 47,610 on Wednesday.

Special TGV brings corona patients to Western France

A special TGV with twenty corona patients is on their way from the severely affected virus in the northeast to the west of France. There are four patients in each car, according to the Ministry of Health. Two departments along the Rhine have so many infections that the intensive care units have become overcrowded. The Air Force has already flown patients south from the city of Mulhouse.

In the Northeast, more than 3,000 corona patients are in hospitals, more than 650 of whom are in intensive care. President Emmanuel Macron visited a military hospital in Mulhouse on Wednesday. He said a major military operation is underway to help the people and governments overcome the virus. Navy ships are also sent to overseas territories in the context of this operation.

WHO sees encouraging signals to Italy

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) sees “encouraging signs” in the leveling of the growth in infection rates in Italy, the major source of coronavirus infection in Europe. Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge emphasized that it is too early to say that the worst is over.

According to WHO, there are more than 220,000 infections in Europe and nearly 12,000 people have succumbed to the virus. Worldwide there are now 470,000 infections and more than 21,000 deaths.

Italy is the hardest hit country in Europe. The country reported 5,210 new infections on Wednesday, which was less than the day before. “Although the situation remains very serious, we are starting to see some encouraging signs,” said Kluge. He warned governments and citizens to be aware of a new reality because of the long-lasting pandemic. “This is not going to be a sprint, this is going to be a marathon.”

Number of corona deaths in Belgium rises to 220

The number of deaths from Covid-19 has risen by 42 to 220 in 24 hours in Belgium. 1,298 new confirmed infections were reported last day, bringing the total to 6,235. In Belgian hospitals, 131 patients have been admitted to intensive care in the past 24 hours. There are now a total of 605 people, the health authorities report.

Since Wednesday, 536 new patients have been admitted to hospitals, while 128 patients were allowed to return home. A total of 2,652 people with the virus are now cared for in Belgian hospitals.

Virologist Steven Van Gucht, who publishes the new corona figures on behalf of the federal government every day, says that according to the models used in Belgium, the peak is expected “sometime around the beginning of April” in the country. That prediction is based on halving the contacts people have. On March 18, Belgium took far-reaching measures to combat the spread of the lung virus.

Hospitals in Brabant expect to handle a peak

The hospitals in Brabant expect that they will be able to handle the influx of corona patients in the intensive care units. Within four to five days, the Regional Consultation Acute Care (ROAZ) predicts a peak in the number of corona patients in the province with the most infections.

Based on calculations, the ROAZ assumes that the hospitals will have enough capacity, chairman Bart Berden said on NPO Radio 1 on Thursday. Berden, who is also chairman of the Tilburg Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital, even assumes that after the peak patients who have been transferred to hospitals elsewhere in the country will return to Brabant. “We are further expanding our capacity this week and can take patients back again. That can also be expected from us. ”

App for symptoms corona available in more cities

An app that allows people to check whether they might have the corona virus is available in more places. UMC Utrecht, the Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital in Nijmegen and the Wilhelmina Hospital in Assen join the project, which was set up by the OLVG in Amsterdam.

People can register via the websites of the affiliated hospitals, after which they can download the free app. They should fill in daily if they have a sore throat, cold, shortness of breath, cough and what their temperature is. A medical team reviews all incoming data. If it shows that someone may have the coronavirus, we will contact you within 24 hours. The corona app already has tens of thousands of users in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

“After this virus comes a better society”

When the virus has spread and the world calms down, humanity will be different. Better. That says Erik Matser, clinical neuropsychologist from Helmond. “It is a very big blow that we all have to deal with now. As a result, the individualism, the turning away from the group, of many young people in particular will change. They become thinkers. ”

“Fewer people will burn down later,” says the scientist. More than a year ago, Matser called the increasing number of burnouts the greatest risk in today’s society. He previously achieved great fame, among other things, by being the basis of changed regulations at international sports federations to prevent brain injuries and is a personal coach of many international celebrities. “We are going back to our roots. In these times we learn that we have to do something for someone else and that gives a positive feeling and energy. That is a natural process that is in the brain. We will soon pay more attention to each other. ”

But we have to win the fight first. Matser: “It is crucial that the people are explained why we are going to win. Not how we’re going to win. The “why” is processed through the sensory system (the limbic system) of the brain. And people make choices based on feeling. Rutte has explained very well why we are going to make it and what we have to do for it. Why we can’t go outside. If he had only announced “sec” measures, we would have run into the streets hundreds of thousands at a time. That didn’t happen, because what he said was right. ”

We are only at the beginning of a very difficult game, says Matser. He refers to the time when he worked at the major English football club Chelsea. “I saw John Terry, then captain, up close just before big games. He explained the strategy to his fellow players and thereby radiated control. He explained, in addition to how they played tactically, why they used this tactic. Why they were going to win. That gives a certain sense of security, which helped to win the match on psychological grounds. ”

Behavioral changes are very difficult for people, Matser said. “That is specific to the species. And now we are suddenly confronted with extreme changes. Everything that was always normal is no longer possible. This uncertainty causes fear and is an innate stress process in humans. I understand that many people have a very hard time because of this. It is important to stick to our leaders’ chosen strategy and why we do it. That gives peace and security. ”

What politics does very well, according to Matser, is to name everything, which has led to a strong belief in the approach. “In the current situation, we are doing great in the Netherlands. Rutte says to understand that this is very annoying, virologists inform us in an impressive way. We believe our leaders and scientists. I work a lot abroad, but I think it is fantastic that I am now in the Netherlands. Because I get the feeling that we are going to make it here, in our own way. ”

Above all, take people into successes, no matter how small. Matser: “I just heard Jaap van Dissel say that it seems to be going in the right direction with the fight against the virus. His words immediately go into the collective feeling of the people. The feeling of: “We are having a hard time, but we are going in the right direction, we are going to succeed. It’s going to take a while, but we believe in it. The changes, however serious, lead to something. ” So let people with vision explain the whole crisis why it works, so we win. ”

Amusement parks cater to season ticket holders

Amusement parks cater to people who have a subscription. The subscription holders are compensated because they cannot go to the parks. They are closed just like museums and other public places.

Subscription holders of the Efteling theme park will receive a refund of the monthly amount they now pay. “Those people can spend that money later, when the park is open again, in restaurants and shops in the park, for example,” said a spokesman.

Slagharen takes a different approach. There, the people who have an annual card will get back the days that the park is now closed next year. If, for example, Slagharen are closed for twenty days, then those twenty days can still be made up in 2021.

In addition, many Dutch people have a Museum card. It gives people access to more than four hundred museums for a year. It is still unclear how they will be compensated. “We are still in discussions and no decision has been made yet,” customer service said Thursday.

Government will monitor the use of corona medicines more strictly

The government will monitor the availability of medicines for corona patients more closely to prevent shortages. The stocks of general medications used in intensive care are also being monitored for the time being. That says minister Martin van Rijn (Medical Care).

The Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) and the Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) monitor the availability of these medicines, even if a shortage has not been reported.

Manufacturers are still allowed to export their medicines, but Dutch customers such as pharmacies and hospitals have priority. “The parties have assured me that they adhere to the existing agreement,” the minister writes.

The minister is also prepared to release the statutory maximum prices for medication when a shortage is imminent. In this way, Van Rijn keeps the Dutch sales market attractive “and we are not behind in the event of scarcity.”

No evictions during the corona crisis

During the corona crisis, people are not evicted from their homes. Minister Stientje van Veldhoven (Housing), landlords and branch organizations have agreed on this. If the agreement is not complied with, the cabinet will still come up with legislation.

“In these unreal times you don’t have to worry about your house,” says Van Veldhoven. There is an exception to the rule, namely if there are criminal activities or extreme nuisance, for example.

European Parliament votes on measures to tackle corona crisis

The European Parliament will vote on Thursday on three laws that will mitigate the consequences of the corona crisis. Most MPs vote by email due to travel restrictions from their own country. There were no rules for remote voting, so a procedure has been put in place to make this possible.

The parliamentarians vote on take-off and landing rights legislation, known as slots. EU countries have already agreed to suspend until October 24 the obligation for airlines to use at least 80 percent of their allocated slots. Take-off and landing rights would otherwise expire. Airlines therefore flew earlier with (half) empty “ghost flights”.

There is also a vote on the European Commission’s investment initiative to release EUR 37 billion from unused EU funds. This money is intended to help the most affected Member States and regions with their health systems, labor market, and small and medium-sized enterprises, among others. EUR 25 million is available for the Netherlands.

Finally, there is a proposal to be able to use the EU Solidarity Fund, intended for natural disasters, in the event of a public health crisis. Member States that have been hardest hit by the epidemic can therefore claim the fund. This could pay out up to 800 million euros this year.

President David Sassoli opens the session in Brussels at 10:00, after which the vote is first taken on procedures. Parliamentarians must print, complete, sign, scan or photograph the emailed voting forms and then return them. A vote on proposed changes will follow at 5.30 pm. The final vote on the three proposals can then take place from 8 pm. Sassoli will announce the results at 10:30 PM.

Russia bans all civil aviation

The Russian government has banned all civil aviation to and from the country since Friday due to the corona virus. Russian airlines are still allowed to bring back citizens from abroad, if they have special permission to do so.

Nibud comes with tips for less income

Due to the corona crisis, the National Institute for Budgetary Information (Nibud) is publishing a special online edition of the Nibud Geldkrant: the Geldkrant special Less income. With the newspaper, Nibud wants to offer handles to people who experience a (sharp) decrease in their income as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

US 2 trillion historical corona law

The United States Senate unanimously approved a $ 2 trillion aid package on Thursday to mitigate the economic damage caused by the corona crisis. The law has yet to pass the House of Representatives on Friday, but Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin expects that the law will also be passed there.

The package provides tax relief, loans and compensation to affected companies. More than $ 100 billion is also being invested in healthcare. An important part is making virus tests available free of charge. Previously, people who were not insured had to pay the costs themselves, which in some cases could amount to several thousand euros.

The plan aims to alleviate the large-scale economic damage caused by the coronavirus. Economists previously warned that unemployment in the United States can reach 30 percent.

In the latest corona update: court reporter Saskia Belleman about a case against a corona cough who has to go to jail for ten weeks, the confusion about the number of hospital admissions in the Netherlands, and the rapidly increasing death toll in Spain. Listen the podcast here, below or via your own podcast app.


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