LIVE READINGS – Osimhen: “Skeptical about racism in Italy, but Naples is not like that! How much love …”, Giuntoli: “I’ve been following him for 4 years!”, Rrahmani: “I didn’t expect it …”

15.37 – The press conference ends

Osimhen, have they told you about the rivalry with Juventus and that with a goal you enter the hearts of the fans? Yes, they told me, then I received many messages from the fans and I like to reply. They go crazy, I’m going to help my team and score against them too. “

Giuntoli, maybe the midfield will dance defensively, will there be any intervention on the market? “The coach with the dancer didn’t mean the midfield, but he defends himself and attacks in 11, but I don’t want to be taken for granted in the response. In the second round we did well not only with the new players, but with an attitude of the whole team and not always with the market you can work to improve things, it is not enough to put someone who has contrast, running and dribbling, otherwise we would have to take him from Real. We all want everything, but we must work on our economic strengths which are incredible for how much we have invested, a group of important return, it could have been very important with reasons that then subconsciously failed “.

Osimhen, how much can you improve with Gattuso? “The level of training is very high, but I feel surrounded by affection, I want more, I want difficult challenges to give my best on the pitch”.

Edo DL on the integration of the new:We make them feel at ease, at home, solving their every need. Let’s try to create an environment of serenity and tranquility. You need affection, but also professionalism, to give the player peace of mind to make the most of and live a family life, as a sportsman. “

Osimhen, you were born in the suburbs of Lagos, what message do you send to the children of the Naples suburbs who have the dream of becoming footballers? “The advice is never to give up on the conditions of life, living in a suburb where you get up and think about how to survive is not easy, but you shouldn’t give up and work hard. Never give up on your dreams”

Giuntoli, does he tell us a characteristic of both who convinced him? “They both have speed and application.”

Giuntoli, are there any renewals scheduled after Zielinski? “The market and the renewals go hand in hand, the requests of a player on the renewal also go according to the requests he has on the market. Not soon, but let’s see how the market will develop”.

Why did you choose Napoli? Rahman: “Napoli was interested already after 2-3 months from the start of the championship, he spoke to my agent, it was my first choice and I didn’t think of anything else”, Osimhen: “I’ve always been convinced, Napoli was the best choice for my future, I’m excited about this precious opportunity in a historic club.”

For Giuntoli, visit Raiola today: will there be anything new for Lozano?Mino greeted his clients, Manolas and Lozano, we had lunch together. We believe that he can only do better, Rino is happy with Lozano’s last part of the season and the idea is to continue “.

Osimhen, how are you physically and how did you experience the stop in France? I was sorry for the stop, I continued my training at home. I’m not 100% now, but I’m very close to it and I’ll do my best to get there as soon as possible“.

For Edo DL, how do you experience the team every day?In addition to what you see on the pitch, giving your all to get to the top on the first day, then an environment of harmony is created outside, they are all good guys who put effort after this difficult period to return to a normal life with one full stage. I can’t say anything about the new players yet, it’s clear that Osimhen can amaze us and we already know Rrahmani in Serie A. “

Rrahmani, having played 3, can you also act as a side 4?Yes, in Zagreb in the Europa League I played as a left foot, on the right it would be easier, I can play there if the coach asks and needs it. “

For Giuntoli, on the two negotiations: “The negotiations are all complicated, in the imagination if you have money you take it and otherwise you don’t, but it’s not like that. Rrahmani for example, after a few games I saw him, we were already following him on video, but from the field he made a great impression but there is he was already a team that wanted him and we had to burn the others. We were lucky to anticipate the others. Victor, on the other hand, I follow him from the U17 World Cup 4 years ago, he was catapulted to Wolfsburg where he found difficulties because there was Origi in his role who he was a few years older, then he had a few minor injuries. It was not an easy negotiation, not being able to find us in person but only remotely. Then everything went well, it was an expensive investment, but we are convinced it will do well “.

Osimhen, are you really afraid of racism in Italy and did it represent a doubt? “Yes, I was skeptical about Italy for racism, but Naples is not like that. I visited the city with my own eyes and my point of view has changed, unfortunately racism is everywhere, it will not be a limit for me and I am sure that with the affection of the fans I will overcome everything “.

Rrahmani, what is the distance between Napoli and the best in the league? “Not so much, Napoli are a great team, they won the Italian Cup, we just have to think about giving our best in training and then let’s see.”

Osimhen still on the landing in Naples: “Being here is a dream come true, I like to play as a striker, but I can play in any role and I’m happy to be in Naples with fantastic teammates as I have already said”.

Rrahmani on the defense at 4: “It’s the second year I’ve played 3, then for the rest I played 4, even in the national team I play 4, it’s not new for me. Goals? I didn’t score, but I made more shots than everyone else. the defenders, I was a bit unlucky … let’s hope with Napoli “.

Osimhen, what does it mean to you to be the highest paid in club history? “I’m really in a great club, it’s a big leap, there are superstars like Insigne, Mertens, Koulibaly, I’m not interested in figures, but to give my best for the club.”

Rrahmani, what kind of player are you?Aggressive, strong in aerial duels, but also low, these are my characteristics “. Osimhen: “I play for the team, passion is everything, the mentality of never saying never, never giving up “:

Osimhen, at what precise moment did you choose this challenge? Who is your Idol? “When I talked to Gattuso and the president I accepted this challenge, it is incredible and really difficult to have the love I received from them, for a young man mortivation is fundamental”.

Rrahmani, you have been the defender with the most steals in the league. Did they choose you for this? “I didn’t expect this, they are important numbers, also favored by how we played in Verona, I did my best”.

For Osimhen, how important was the conversation with Gattuso and the president? “My relationship is excellent with both of them, they were like fathers, they gave me valuable advice to make me feel at ease, like at home, and I had an important welcome from the fans.”

15.01 – Pick up photos and the conference can begin

15.00 – On stage also the ds Giuntoli and the vice president Edo DL

14.50 – Everything is ready at the Palazzetta di Castel di Sangro with the Italian Cup always present on stage.

Third day of retreat in Castel di Sangro and at 3 pm, at the Palazzetto dello Sport of the town, the presentation press conference for Amir Rrahmani e Victor Osimhen.

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