LIVE READINGS – Spalletti: “Everyone would like Ronaldo, he wins them alone and I would tell about it for life, but I see it hard. Osimhen? Always on the market. About Fabian and Meret …”

Eve of Fiorentina-Naples and the press conference of Luciano Spalletti. The Napoli coach will present himself at the conference room of the SSC Napoli Konami Training Center to present the challenge to the Viola by answering questions from the press

14.55 – The press conference begins

Someone mischievous said ‘he’s watching United’, CR7 is entering the field right now.

“I missed it (laughs, ed)”

In your collection of shirts, how would you see a blue cr7?

“Anyone would like to have his jerseys, of all the teams he has played for. If he had played here I would like to …”

Can he play with it?

“If you ask me ‘would you like to train’? I would like to see which coach would avoid such a thing to be told for life, but if you go out of the spaces to fill in for you … as the prosecutor said there is no Talking with ADL he told me that he has not received anything true and there are only a few days left, I see it hard to do something like this. It is my thought, then you have to hear Giuntoli “.

Is Osimhen ready to play?

“For someone as strong as Osimhen, the market is always open, you can wake up the current owner because he is a great player. The risk of market distraction for Osimhen and those like him always run, they are top players.”

He is satisfied? Are you still expecting something? The goalkeeper?

“I always am, even when operations had to be done at the beginning. I am satisfied and when the market is open this is the situation we see every day on TV. Meret has played two great games, especially the second one, we are well, we took a strong and experienced reserve … “.

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Still on CR7-Osimhen: “It would not be an exchange, but two operations. We are talking about someone who has won more Championships, scored more goals, has the quality to be everywhere on the pitch, he is one who solves things even on his own. The problem would not exist in one way. or in another. Let’s analyze what we have and what can give us a further good performance in a difficult field like that of Florence and Osimhen and what the protagonist has to do “.

How is the insertion of Ndombele going?

“He trained a little apart, but he is among those who have shown that he is in enough condition in the friendly match, the figures say this and we are happy. You can see the modernity of the game, the immediate realization of where it is. the void and where you have to play the ball, is one that will suit us “.

On the difficulties of the race.

“There are many, Fiorentina is part of that condominium we have often talked about, the Italian knows how to do his job perfectly, last year they put us in difficulty in all 3 games we played, they won a They have a physical impact, they come on you, for us it will be essential to move the ball to create spaces and then go and take advantage of the spaces that are created, but the teams that do this usually have physicality and a way of marking that does not makes you recognize those spaces, but we are in a position, like them, who deservedly achieved results in the Conference “.

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What does Florence represent for Spalletti?

“A heartbreaker stuff every time, I always went to see her in Curva with friends, to wave flags because as a child I have always been a purple fan, I have many friends there, including the one who accommodates my bicycles and sends me messages to pick me up around, there is everything. It will be a thrill to go back, it will all be beautiful “.

Did you have the opportunity to confront Fabian? How do you live this moment?

“If you were from Napoli I would have comparisons with you too, I compare myself with everyone, he will not be very happy but then in the comparison and in the dialogue we told you two things and it is all based on the will what is happening”.

Has Meret-Sirigu, are there already defined hierarchies?

“You look at what happens during the week and you make evaluations. In modern football the goalkeeper is a role like any other, you can change from game to game. Why a player has to make 5 in a row, must be evaluated in the fifth ? And I lose 4? The goalkeeper has the training to be seen and 5 minutes in the game, otherwise he does not play “.

What attitude do you expect in Florence?

“The same, playing with impact, improvements based on physical impact, in modern football there will be some more lightness because in the continuous attacking and defending you will see some errors, filled by the impetus and the single intervention. more risks in today’s football and you play on the open field, fanning from one side to the other and then go to quickly recompose, I expect to see also things seen in the two previous matches “.

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The mistake to avoid with Fiorentina by remembering the two defeats last year?

“We allowed ourselves distractions that then cost us the results, even if we then developed the race correctly for large stretches, but then we paid the epoisodes, we must not afford these episodes, but stay on always, even more. It will be the particular to make a difference “.

15.15 – The press conference ends

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