Earlier in the day, RIVM director Jaap van Dissel had outlined that possibility. Face masks, for example, could be a solution for contact professions such as hairdressers. VVD group leader welcomes the “open attitude” at Van Dissel. “The point is rather not to let what comes out of your mouth fall on another,” said Dijkhoff. He also has a blow. “If people who have a cold with a glorified handkerchief in their mouth go outside, it does more harm than good.”


PVV leader Wilders also proposes face masks as part of the exit strategy. It is therefore “frightening” that on February 10, an airplane departed with permission from Foreign Affairs to China full of protective equipment. “Our stuff! The wholesalers were squeezed empty like a tube of toothpaste. How could this happen?” CDA leader Heerma asks about “alternative forms of mouth protection”, his colleagues Segers of the ChristenUnie and Krol of 50Plus want informal caregivers to be included in the distribution of protective equipment.

FvD leader Baudet points to the confusing message that the cabinet sends about the mouth masks. Until recently, the cabinet and RIVM said that the caps in public space are of no use. Moreover, they are scarce. “If they don’t work, why do all the countries around us use them? And if they are so scarce, how is it possible that other countries do have them? ”

GroenLinks leader Klaver asks Prime Minister Rutte whether, in retrospect, it has not been irresponsible to let care workers outside hospitals go to work with complaints, even without protection. Especially in nursing homes, the virus is still very much around.

PvdA leader Asscher also points out to the Outbreak Management Team that the limited testing policy has aggravated the spread of the virus. He also asks for clarity about whether or not to open the schools. “First the schools had to remain open, then they were only allowed to open when the research on the infectivity of children was finished. Now it appears that research is not ready yet. On what basis does the cabinet decide whether the schools can open again? ” Broadloom, the question arises how the Cabinet intends to enter the next phase.

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