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Minister Arie Slob of Primary and Secondary Education wants to prevent a new national school closure due to the corona virus. He focuses on closing schools locally or regionally if necessary.

Slob says that in an interview with the AD. “If extra measures are needed in places, this must be done at school level, locally or regionally,” said the education minister. “The GGD and the safety region can then intervene and close a school or several schools in a town, municipality or region. So not that if something is going on in Amsterdam, schools in Groningen also have to close. ”

Some schools choose to make mouth masks mandatory. Slob points out that they have the space to do so, but rules out a national obligation. “We have received advice and it shows that masks do not really have added value. That is not necessary. We base our choices on the OMT. ” Pupils do not have to keep their distance from each other either.

As far as the minister is concerned, teachers are not given priority to undergo a corona test. “The aim is that everyone – teacher, nurse or supermarket employee – can be tested as quickly as possible. At the moment we are not going to make a distinction. ”

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