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LIVE | ‘Test system crashes completely, a disaster’ | Inland

The system for testing people for corona will soon crash completely. That says director Bram Diederen of Microvida, one of the largest test laboratories in the country, in an interview with de Volkskrant.

“Testing, testing, testing everyone is of course a nice political promise, in practice the system appears to be cracking and cracking on all sides. And then the snotty season has yet to begin ”, says the doctor-microbiologist.

Diederen points out that the limits of what is possible are already being reached and that people sometimes have to wait five days for a test result. “That’s just too long, you want to know within a day. And then we are still in September. The weather is really nice, there is nothing wrong in the hospitals. I guarantee: when we are in October, the system will crash completely. This is just going to be a disaster ”, Diederen told the newspaper.

He states that the heaviest, most complex means are used to test all Dutch people with a snot nose. Resources that are actually intended for hospital patients. “We see people who come to be screened several times a week, they already know them by first name at the test street.”

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